Ari Rabban Will be speaking at PTC’12

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Honolulu, Hawaii, January 18, 2012 – Ari Rabban CEO will be speaking at PTC’12.

Topic of the discussion:  Will Social Networks Become the New Telcos?

Telcos have a love/hate relationship with social networks, such as Facebook. On the one hand, social network apps are driving the strong increase in mobile data and handset revenues for mobile operators. On the other hand, more and more person-to-person communication is occurring via such apps, putting pressure on revenues from SMS/texting — a high-margin business.

But what’s next? Will social networks become a bigger threat to Telcos by also taking a share of voice revenues, reducing the role of mobile operators in delivering mobile data network service? Will social networks add voice services, and, if so, will they use phone numbers to make their voice (and texting) services interoperable with other voice networks?

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