Ari Rabban, CEO will be speaking at ITEXPO East, Miami Beach February 3rd 2012

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Topic of discussion: Does Your Business Have a Social Media Strategy?

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As businesses decide to use social media and digital communications in their daily operations, they need to understand that what they are doing makes business sense?  There is no question social media is a market changer, and a permanent fixture in the business communications landscape.  The question is not whether to implement social media strategies, but when and how, so that you are able to engage your customers at their convenience, not yours.

This session will explain why you need a social media strategy and, depending on where you currently stand with regards to strategy and implementation, what your next steps should be in order to ensure a successful implementation and maximum benefits to your customers and, ultimately, your bottom line.

  •                Where does your company stand with regards to social media strategy?
  •               Who should be responsible?
  •               How can you justify the investment to corporate management?
  •               What products should you consider?
  •               What are best practices for rolling out your strategy to your workforce?
  •               How should you determine the effectiveness of your program, including calculating ROI?


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