Are You Using Our Mobile Office App For BlackBerry And Android?

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I was on a call yesterday with an entrepreneur who was running out of time but we hadn’t finished our phone meeting.  He asked if he could call me back in a couple minutes when he got into his car but the caveat was that he’d call me back from a different number.  It wouldn’t be his work number, it would be his cell phone number.  I know he’s using a BlackBerry so I asked why he doesn’t just call using the Mobile Office app and his answer broke my heart, he said he didn’t know he could.  I asked if he had the Mobile Office app installed on his phone and he threw salt on my broken heart and told me no.

I walked him through the steps very quickly to download the app by going to and picking the correct device.  Before we got off the call it was downloaded and installed on his BlackBerry, it took all of maybe 2 minutes.

He logged into the app himself by putting in his phone number, extension and password (it’s the voicemail password).  His phone was verified via a second step of calling it and inputting a 2 digit code and walla.  I was so happy to see that him calling me from his work number, he told me he was in the car and stopped in traffic.  We finished our call and the world was right again.

On a side note, the traffic he was in didn’t move for about 2 hours so all the calls he was supposed to make in his office he was able to place from the car, showing his work number.  He didn’t even tell the people he was on a cell phone in traffic instead of at his desk.  Talk about a life saver.


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