Are you Annoyed with Your Voicemail?

I tend to use a mobile phone more then a land line. But one of my pet peeves is seeing that annoying little voicemail symbol at the top of my phone commanding me to press and hold the number 1 and then take my time to listen to AT&T tell me I have a message, no kidding guys. Then I listen to it and have to wait for AT&T’s obligatory menu options. I really can’t stand it. My wife has told me numerous times “Jeb I keep getting voicemail full when I call you” because I don’t listen to them.

What has saved me is Visual Voicmail that I use from on the Mobile Office app. I don’t even have to listen to the messages anymore. The inbox on the Mobile Office app has the message transcribed for me. Another feature is that I can get my messages transcribed and sent to me via text message.

This is a time saver for me and defeats those nagging voicemail. I can’t tell you how useful this is in meetings when I have to know what someone is trying to tell me but I can’t pick up the phone to listen. Now I just read my voicemail. saves me time and aggravation again.

You can also just have your voicemails forwarded to your email and then you simply receive them in your email inbox (on your computer or your any smart phone email and click the attachment voice file to listen to the voicemail or just read a voicemail text transcription.