Are You A Text Messaging Fanatic?

BDid you know that offers unlimited text messages? Yes that’s right, you’re not charged an extra $5-$20 (or more) for an SMS package, it’s included with your service. When you sign up for any of our services (Virtual Office, Home Phone Plus, Virtual Number) you get unlimited incoming and outgoing texts included. That’s from our mobile phone app or from our website using a computer, that’s right we allow you to send text messages from your computer, with your full size keyboard so none of that pecking at a phone keypad.

This is great for doctors to remind patients about appointments (it can lower the no show rate by 27%). Text a friend that soccer practice is canceled because of rain right from your desktop or remind your spouse to pick up milk on their way home from our mobile phone apps. You can do any and all of this without ever worrying that your being charged to send a text or worry that your going over your allotted of SMS.

Imagine a teenager sending over 3,000 messages per month, that’s the national average now. Wouldn’t you prefer giving your teen a number to use (which you can easily monitor) and allowing them to text to their hearts content and never worry about SMS charges?

How do you use SMS? Would you text more if you weren’t paying for it and you could do it from your number? Do you send text messages utilizing

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