Apple Should Go With WiFi And Not Mobile Carriers

I spent over an hour charting with my good friend and without a doubt the brightest mind i know in the mobile industry Ewan MacLeod at the Qualcomm hosted Uplinq conference in San Diego this last week. We talked about all kinds of different things but kept coming back to Apple. We were discussing a few things about Apple one being how they could get Their stock price up to $500 a share and the other was what we thought Apple should do next. Should they become a full blown carrier and part of the GSMA? Should they go the MVNO route? What is it that they need anyways? It’s that last mile or in many cases just a few hundred yards from the tower to the iPhone or iPad.

Ewan and I discussed the idea and I’ll only speak for myself but say that I’ve concluded that Apple should roll out city wide wifi all over the world. We all know that even the $40+ billion their sitting on in free cash won’t do it but it could be a huge start. Imagine using your iPhone or iPad any where around big cities like LA, NYC and London purely on wifi. You could use for calls and SMS if you’re a small or medium sized business customer or free less business centric and iPhone or mobile only solutions like Viber for calls and WhatsApp for texting. Seriously, in a wifi environment there’s no need for AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone. For that matter Ewan was using his iPhone only on wifi this week while in San Diego to save on roaming. Why not? With wifi blanketing the host hotel there’s no reason not to. So why should Apple go the mobile carrier route when they could just go with wifi. Now obviously it’s not the answer in the open countryside right now but what about if the wifi is honed in on providing connectivity to Apple products first and everything else second. What happens when that honed in wifi can travel miles instead of meters? In the city of San Francisco I can’t imagine even 1 square inch that doesn’t have at least two wifi signals covering it.

Now let’s consider a FON approach to all this, get people to give or sell their wifi back to Apple and help blanket cities that way. I’m just thinking out loud here. Why in the world would Apple want to mess around with the carriers any more then they absolutely have to??? What do you think?