An Interview with MAX Boulevard


So Max, what business are you in?

I own a limo service company in the NY metro area called BOULAVARD Limos. It is me, my limo and my two great drivers Jose and Hank. My wife Bonnie serves as our dispatcher.
I am also an actor (part time but who knows…).

Sounds like you’re all over the place each day. How do you stay connected?

Well that’s the secret I wanted to share with all of you. I use Yes, It lets me stay connected whenever and however I want. I have two phone numbers with (3 if you include my private number) one for my limo business and one for my acting business. All calls for my limo business reach our dispatcher (my wife) but if she is not in it will come to me or even our drivers. So someone is always there to take an order. If a customer wants to reach me (or my drivers) they can enter our extensions and find us directly. I decide when I want to receive calls because I can both screen calls and also accept calls based on time of day. If I get voicemail while driving I can easily play it or even read a text transcription of it (especially helpful when waiting for a passenger in a noisy terminal).

I have a second number for my acting business. Trust me if my agent calls, I know it is him but even if I don’t recognize the caller I can always tell what number they re trying to reach me on so I know it is acting related and I always answer those. You never know when it might be Martin Scorsese. He knows me!

What devices to you use to stay in touch?

So basically all I need is my Android smart phone because it really has several lines. My private cell phone number remains private but I can still receive all my business calls on it and even better: I can return calls from my mobile phone and the caller ID shown is either my limo number or my acting business number all based on who I need to call! All of this is thanks to’s Virtual Office!

So you’ve used Virtual Office for a while. What feature has been the most useful for you?

For me the ability to answer my phone wherever I am and be professional whether it is a limo client or a famous movie producer is key. So identifying which of my numbers the caller dialed in order to reach me is big! Plus if I was not able to answer and they leave me a voicemail I can read the voicemail text and call back using the caller ID they expect me to use and keep my cell phone number private!!

Do you have any roles in any upcoming movies or TV shows?

Did you have to bring that up? Well, I actually do have two roles coming up one in a new TV show pilot and one commercial. I really hope that pilot goes well!