Alumni Event Tomorrow.. Always Good to “Go back to School”

Well, I am not sure the title “Go back to school” is correct but whenever there is an alumni event from my school (Carnegie Mellon University) I try to attend. Always great to meet old friends, fellow alumni, students and new faces. When I get a chance to speak in an alumni event even better!

Tomorrow I am doing just that. I was asked to participate at Tepper School of Business entrepreneurship Alumni gathering in New York City.

The evening is focused on starting new ventures in NYC: “The Next Frontier: Starting and Joining New Ventures in New York City” and is actually sold out from what I just heard. We will have a great panel of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists participating in a lively discussion about the NYC venture community in general and specifically hi-tech / internet related ventures.

Over the last decade after the internet bubble and the telecom melt down I have certainly witnessed how New York (and may I add Metro as it certainly includes New Jersey as well) is becoming more and more important and relevant for new ventures. New media, social networking, communications and other technology ventures (as well as a lot of bio-tech / life science ventures) are popping up and creating a new buzz that is just growing. some think of buzz as bubble but what I am seeing is that NY with all its liveliness and “coolness” was always part of big business, especially in hi-tech (certainly in NJ: AT&T, Bell Labs, big pharma etc) but now we see hundreds if not more funded start ups and dozens (if not more) networking and incubation groups that create an extremely vibrant new venture community of the kinds we were seeing only in Silicon Valley, Boston and one or two other countries.