Alon Cohen, EVP & CTO: Why SMBs Need the Cloud Now More Than Ever, Cloud4SMB, Miami Beach, January 30 2013

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Alon Cohen’s EVP & CTO will discuss the value of the Cloud for small businesses during the Cloud4SMB Conference co-located with ITEXPO at the Miami Beach Convention Center, January 30 2013. Click here for more information .

Due to this difficult economy, virtually all companies are operating under tight budget restrictions, and the mandate to accomplish more with fewer resources. SMBs are particularly challenged to function effectively in this environment. They need to regularly update their IT and communications infrastructure, attract, hire and retain the talent to manage and maintain it.For many SMBs, Cloud offers may help them meet their IT and communications objectives, expectations and challenges…cost effectively. There are a range of Cloud offers in the marketplace, and more are being developed every year. SMBs will need to assess their requirements, and identify and assess potential Cloud solutions to meet them. This session will address the following areas: The types of Cloud offers in the marketplace today: Public, Private and Hybrid Voice, Data, Video Potential benefits that an SMB could realize from a Cloud solution: Economic, Operational, Time to Market Key capabilities and qualities that an SMB should seek in a Cloud provider: Reputation, Experience, Interoperability, Reliability



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