All The Fax About

After writing about the birth of Internet-based telephony almost from the day it was invented, I finally bit the bullet and ordered VoIP service, from After two rate hikes by Qwest, my phone and broadband bill is soaring into the triple digits and it’s just too, too much. Qwest is going to hate me, I know that. But that’s not my problem and hey – they’re still getting my broadband business, at a $10 per month premium because I’m dropping the land line.

Interestingly, even though what I ordered from is first and foremost a telephone plan – Home Phone Plus unlimited – my first use of the account wasn’t even for a voice call (the adapter not yet having arrived at that point). It was for fax service (upload a .PDF, JPEG, etc. and delivers it to any standard facsimile machine), sending a document that had to be there that day – but the fax number had been busy for hours. finally got it delivered, when my standard fax machine couldn’t. Even better yet, the fax service is a “free” goodie included in the service plan.

If the voice service works as smoothly, this is going to be a cake walk.