All Mobile OS Platforms Breed iPhone Users So Aren’t You Making An iPhone App?

I’m always curious when I hear about surveys with staggering stats and numbers thrown around about mobile phones/apps how they affect developers. Does your company have an app or are you a developer? If your company doesn’t have an app are you creating one or even considering it? If you provide a service of any kind I would think you do. What I just read though made me think that if you’re looking 12-24 months out on your investment into a mobile phone app what OS or OS’s are you supporting or building for?

I just read The Next Web’s article about a study done by Gene Munster for a firm called Piper Jaffray stating that 94% of iPhone users will get another iPhone, 42% of Android users will get an iPhone and 67% of BlackBerry users will also get an iPhone next. These numbers are staggering and dismal for Android and BlackBerry. Clearly they have a lot of work to do if they want to climb out of this hole.

What does this mean for the entrepreneur and small business owner looking at creating apps? Well first consider your app audience, if it’s a business app BlackBerry is still very important but if you are creating a consumer app for the US public then this information is critical to your decision making process.

It seems like to get the most bang for your buck creating an iPhone app is the way to go (not taking into account things like time it takes in review or ease of updates). The standard mobile phone agreement in the US is 2 years, so expect to see an influx of new iPhone users in the next 6-18 months. About 18 months ago is when Android really started to take off, so expect those folks to start downloading their first iPhone apps in about 6 months.

Good luck and keep in mind this was a small study of just 216 people from the Minneapolis area. I will be writing more about the iPhone and Android divide shortly.