Aladdin Video Services

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Name: Erwin KreinerAVS logo

Title: Owner

Business Name: Aladdin Video Services


In 40 words, tell us about your business: We are a Video service company that provides quick, quality, DVD, video, video editing, photokeepsakes, Sports scholarship videos and home movie transfers and related services to both consumers & corporate clients.

Why did you want a Virtual Phone System: So that I wont miss a call!

Why did you choose Once I went to their website & checked out the features, option, & pricing, I knew that I had to switch from the service that I was using.

What is your favorite feature: Being able to set different messages for different times(out of office, transfer of numbers & etc)

Would you recommend to your friends / colleagues:
Absolutely, I will & I have.

Would you like to share any interesting way you use such as unique call routing, schedules or queues used: I have many schedules that change the outgoing message depending on the day & time.

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