After Hour Greetings, Call Handling Rules and so much more…

Just yesterday I was talking to Erwin, the video guy. (That’s what I call him for fun.) He’s a customer who runs a small video recording company. He records weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties, corporate events, concerts and bands, in fact, just about anything anybody wants recorded for posterity.

He uses a variety of’s Virtual Office services to his advantage. For example, since his business is not limited to the hours of nine to five and he’s often out late working, he doesn’t start answering the office phone line right at nine o’clock in the morning. Using’s flexible After Hours Greeting and Call Handling Rules features, he can manage his business by routing callers based on the rules he sets.

Erwin has two phones—his home-based business phone line and his personal cell phone. But, he only wants to provide others with one general number. When non-clients call his line, they are routed to his Phone Menu which changes using’s After Hours Greeting feature based on the time of day the call comes in. Using the Call Handling rules feature searches to see if the number is a recognized client, friend or family member and if so, directs them either to his business line, voicemail or direct to his cell phone, no matter what time it is. When he’s recording a religious service, he sets his phone to Do Not Disturb so he can record his clients’ special events uninterrupted.

This is exactly the kind of story I like to hear: small business people using to help their businesses run smoothly.