Affordable Business Phone Solutions

Phone .com offers Virtual Office, an affordable and professional business phone solution. Virtual Office is a valuable tool for small businesses as it allows unlimited extensions for your business line. A virtual phone number can be used in lieu of expensive landlines that are rather limited on features. Virtual Office is packed with features that are offered for no additional cost.

Features like Advanced Phone Call Scheduling allows you to route incoming calls to different locations based on the time of day the call is received. Follow Me Phone Calling allows you to travel freely outside of the office while forwarding your calls to multiple numbers ringing simultaneously until you answer.
For smaller businesses that do not have the budget for receptionists, Caller Menus can route calls to individual extensions or voicemail boxes. Hold music is another free feature that adds a professional flair to your phone system with zero additional cost.

Conferencing is available to all business phone customers. Our conferencing features allow users to moderate conference calls in HD quality. Virtual Office truly gives small businesses the image of large organizations.

These features eliminate the need to give your customers a list of different phone numbers to reach you or your team on. Customizable settings put you in control of how these calls are to be routed. Follow Me Phone Calling is incredibly valuable for sales teams as they can be sure that they receive every call that is made to them whether they are in the office or on sales calls. Adding additional extensions is both free and easy.

Virtual Office also offers both vanity and toll free numbers. This gives new and repeat clients an easy way to reach your business without additional costs to them. Another affordable feature is Global Numbers which gives your international customers a local phone number to reach your business no matter where your location. This feature gives your company a global presence that is friendly to your international client base.

All extensions come with their own Address Book that stores and organizes contact information. Once the contact information is stored, rules can be assigned to specific callers to route them to different features like personalized menus, queues, voicemail service, extensions and more. Virtual Office offers plans starting as low as $9.88 a month with the first month free. This affordable VOIP phone service will prove to be an asset to your business as it streamlines communications within your company.