Advantages of’s “Queue” Feature

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Little or no phone wait time equals fewer cancellations and more sales’s “queue” feature places incoming callers into a waiting area to be answered by the next available “member”, or telephone number in the routing series on your end.’s “queues” allow you to route calls to a specific group of designated phone numbers within your™ Virtual Office. “Queues” are an ideal way to limit or even eliminate on-hold time for customers and sales prospects, when routing calls to Customer Support, Sales Departments, Help Desks, Reservations or Appointment lines, and more, making’s Virtual Office the perfect small business phone system.

When all lines in a queue are busy, you have the option of forwarding callers to voicemail.’s unique Queue feature helps small businesses greatly decrease the waiting time impatient customers and busy sales prospects have to endure. This also involves callers urgently looking to resolve an immediate technical, set-up or usage issue by being able to reach a Customer Support, Tech Support or Help Desk representative right away.

Statistically, companies tend to experience far less complaints, and therefore fewer cancellations, when they make it easy for customers with issues to quickly get through to a technical rep or support person, get the help they need, and resolve the issue.

To a small business like yours, like most customers, this can add up to material dollars and cents – saved rather than lost – simply by improving the communications processes by which you bring in new business, and maintain smooth relations with a happy, well-served customer base.

If we do some investigation, we also find that sales conversion rates tend to be higher at companies that simply enable consistently fast, easy phone access to the correct Sales reps, Reservations, or Appointment personnel.

Were all the same way. Imagine calling a company to compare prices or features of a new printer, television, or stereo you’d like to buy. You’re forced to remain on hold, or consistently pushed into voicemail, or repeatedly connected to TVs when you want stereos, or computers when you want printers!

Would you continue to call back? Most likely not. You’ll go elsewhere to connect with a live sales person. And its a good bet thats where you’ll end up making the purchase.

If you added up the potential sales, transactions or deals lost at companies whose phone system does not enable that extra effort to help callers get through to a live sales person – where many sales prospects, calling in a hurry, can’t reach a live rep, and so hang up and go elsewhere – the numbers would be staggering. Enough to give a small business owner something to think about!

The fact is, that up until only recently, only big companies with large budgets could enjoy all the exclusive benefits and high tech features and options furnished by an expensive call center solution .

Now small companies and even home offices can enjoy all of these formerly expensive benefits, with an affordable standard monthly subscription where queues are already part of the package at no extra cost.

If you would like technical support setting up your queue, please don’t hesitate to call our 24-7 Support Hotline. We’ll get you up and running in no time at all!

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