Access to the control panel and inbox notifications – update to customers

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To Customers and Partners –

As some of you may have noticed, over the past couple of days, access to the Control Panel and also notifications of voicemail, voice to e-mail transcriptions, and incoming faxes have been slow in their distribution. We are aware of these issues and have been taking both short-term and long-term corrective actions to minimize the length of these disruptions and to avoid them reoccurring.

Unfortunately, and sadly as demonstrated by many type of organizations, malicious “bad actors” have the ability to create temporary disruptions or to compromise or degrade quality of IP based services. Luckily the quality of our phone services as well as protection all customer information has not been impacted by these intrusions but access to our customer control panel and inbox notifications have been slow.
We recognize that even the slightest deviation from our normally high standards is unacceptable. We have focused our technical team on stabilizing the functions that have been affected and developing processes and procedure to prevent these in the future. We have also requested assistance from law enforcement, as these are acts with hostile and possible criminal intentions and implications.

Your concerns are warranted and we wanted you to know that we take this very seriously. Your patience is appreciated and we will continue to work hard to earn your business.
As part of this renewed effort, we will issue update notifications to let you know the status as it changes.

Ari Rabban
CEO, Inc.