Abandoned Landlines A Sign of the Times?

It’s a mobile, wireless world we live in.
There is no doubt of that as everything becomes smaller, thinner, lighter and less constrained. In 2008, more than a quarter of the households that had once used standard landline telephones abandoned that service and opted to use cellular phones in their place. The numbers of disconnected landlines were most significant in the younger generations, or people under the age of twenty-five.

So why the change? It might seem to some that the change is a result of improvements in wireless service and optional features available on cell phones, which are definitely not an option with traditional landlines. Or maybe it’s that the mess of wires is easier to do without. However, the number one reason, hands down, supplied for disconnecting landlines is expense. More and more homeowners are beginning to realize that living without the traditional landline is worth the savings, which can be a tremendous sum when one considers that digital landline service can cost in the neighborhood of $40 or $50 dollars per month on top of the already high cell phone bills. So why pay the extra money for a landline when you already have a reliable cell phone?

This is definitely a sign of what is to come as the number of cut cords continues to escalate at over half a million per month. However, those who let go of traditional landlines do not have to be without the convenience of multiple phones ringing to the same number around the house. (Let’s face it, it is annoying to hear the phone ringing and not remember where it was last set. It is much easier to grab for another handset and worry about the lost one after the conversation is finished.) VoIP is landline convenience at a fraction of the price – starting at under ten dollars per month for a single line. And now that providers are moving on the mobile scene, the all-in-one convenience could be right around the corner for those who subscribe to internet based phone service.