A Thank You Note From Cameron (one of our customers)

At Phone.com we’re used to having happy customers but what’s most satisfying is whenever we have someone takes their time to write us a thank you note. Cameron from Harvard, IL is just that nice, last week he used his valuable time to write a thank you note to Darrell and our entire customer support team.

I thought I would share it with you as a small thank you to Cameron:

“Darrell and everyone at Phone.com,
Thank you and Phone.com so very much in your handling of this! I wish all companies did business the intelligent way- believe me, it does not happen often at all anymore…actually happens very rarely and I deal with a lot of large and small corporations. Phone.com has been nothing short of generous since I began with you and I really, cannot thank you enough! All I can think to say is “WOW!”
You people over there are number 1 in my book.”

“I just do what I do – pay compliments when and where they are due, another lost “art.” It still amazes me that in this world today, a company will help their customer’s with win-win solutions. The sad thing is that this concept in business is lost in company’s of all sizes. So yes, my hat is off to your entire organization and one word sticks out in my mind: WOW!”

Cameron I know your time is valuable so I wanted to thank you from the entire Phone.com team for taking a few minutes to write to us.

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