A New Unread Email Only View In iOS 7

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I’ve been using iOS 7 since the second day it became available and I like it a great deal.  Now that it is released I want to share my favorite new feature.  It’s something I haven’t heard anyone mention yet so I hope to surprise you with something interesting.

UnRead Email View

iOS 7 has a new folder option in the email app.  You can now view just your unread emails.  For some this won’t mean much if you don’t get loads of mail but when you get as many emails as I do this really helps.  I like to mark as many read as possible before I drill in and conquer the handful that need responses they’re spread all over the inbox.  Seeing just the unread email can be a huge time saver and something I’ve been wanting for years.  This is a sign that the iPhone is growing up and becoming a much more business friendly device.

As of this writing I can’t seem to find an unread view on the Samsung Galaxy S4 I have.  I’m nearly positive Android previously had that folder in its built in Gmail app.  This is just another reason I prefer iOS over Android.

Let me explain how to get this new folder on your iPhone and hopefully iPad as well (once I can download it).  From the main or home email app screen with your mailbox(s) listed, click the Edit button at the top right.

Now check the Unread line and click Done at the top right corner.  Unread should appear in the previous screen.

This won’t change everybody’s life but it will save some people time.  I live in my email and this will alleviate a great deal of scrolling for me.

It’s still very early and the Apple servers are slammed with people downloading iOS 7, I for one can’t download it on my iPad so be patient and maybe wait until tomorrow.  Also, just to let you know the update and restore may take over an hour.