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A small business at any stage of development needs a rocksteady phone system.  Whether you are just starting, or several years in, high-quality communication keeps your team tight, and your customers satisfied.


In this age of necessary isolation working from home is the new norm. Reliable remote communication has never been so vital. If you have been shopping around for a phone system that can meet your team’s remote needs, and still deliver all of the features of a traditional network, its time for you to consider a mobile business phone system.

Phone Systems: The Benefits of Going Virtual

Small business phone systems are now virtual thanks to cloud technology. Advances have made traditional voice over internet protocol (VoIP) cloud-based, revolutionizing how clearly and efficiently we can communicate.


The Evolution of VoIP


In a nutshell, VoIP technology allows you to call any phone number using your internet connection. No longer do you need a traditional, analog phone number. What better way to cut down on your phone bill when you or your team operate remotely?


Are any members of your team international? Cloud-based VoIP keeps you in touch without breaking the bank.


When VoIP first came out, the versatility was unparalleled. Technology opened more avenues for communication. For example, voicemails could go through to email.


Along with the novel utility of sending a voicemail via email, VoIP systems allowed for call cueing and a call attendant, a virtual assistant that could organize incoming calls.


All of this gave small companies an edge. Now a scrappy start-up was able to take advantage of the virtues of a calling system the likes of larger, mid-sized companies.


With the significant advantages of VoIP systems came costs and limitations. Namely, in the form of equipment. Not only do you need a modem for the internet, but you also need a particular VoIP phone (or phone adaptor), plus a grip of equipment, including the PBX system for onsite VoIP setups.


With this equipment comes the cost of buying and maintaining all of it.


With a virtual phone system, you get the best of both worlds.  Now, your small but mighty start-up can reap the benefits of a big-league phone network at a tiny fraction of the cost.


The plans at come with unique features, including:

  • Fax to email
  • Voicemail to email
  • Auto-attendant
  • HD Conferencing
  • Call Routing
  • Group Texting
  • Call Screening
  • International Dialing
  • Hold Music


No equipment or costly maintenance.  Just the most reasonable monthly fees in the industry.  Set up takes minutes.


Why You Need A Mobile Business Phone System


Most companies with fewer than fifty employees would benefit from a cloud-based, virtual phone system.


Not sure if your company would benefit?  Consider the following questions:


  • Are you paying a lot of money for a phone system and not using all of the functionality?


Maybe you bought the Cadillac of in-house VoIP systems when it was just you, your two college roommates, and a dream. Fair enough. You may not be needing all of that functionality.


Our plans begin at only $10/month and can provide the caliber of communication you need. No wasted funds. No unused bells and whistles.


Our standard plan provides efficiency with the ability to scale up when the time comes.


  • Are you currently using no phone system at all? 


The last thing you want to do is play phone tag with your team just to meet your client’s needs. There’s bootstrapping, but going systemless is a mistake.  Your business is too important to leave to the whims of a cell phone whack-a-mole.


At the rates we offer, you can organize your staff like a pro and remain scrappy.


  • Do you want to keep the same cell phone for personal and private use?


With one of our plans, you absolutely can.  Customize your business number and be accessible with just a single phone—no need for cellular double-fisting.


  • Is remote work important? Do you or your staff typically work from home or some other non-traditional workspace?


If so, a mobile phone system is pretty much exactly what you need.


  • Does your budget allow for a receptionist?


All of our plans include an auto-attendant feature, which will field all of your business calls without the added expense of an in-person receptionist.


  • Do you plan on growing?


We hope so. Whether your team is three or fifty members, a mobile office phone system works best for smaller organizations and start-ups.


Growth is not the worst problem you could have.  Not only do we want that for you, but we can also even help you get there.


Your business needs to be agile to grow, so you need to be able to communicate with your team and your customers at all times.


Want to be able to talk to clients anytime and anywhere. 24/7? Learn more about the benefits of a mobile business phone system.

Virtual Phone System Integrations


Growth requires compatibility. When choosing the right virtual phone system for your business, keep integration in mind.  From the type of phone, your team members carry, to the scheduling software your company relies on, a mobile business phone system is essentially a software platform.


If you want to stay competitive, your small business phone system must integrate with other products you use daily.’s award-winning cloud-based VoIP service is the most versatile system around. Our system integrates with a wide variety of software platforms and applications, including:

  • DropBox
  • Zapier
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp
  • Stripe
  • Google Docs
  • And so many more


Additionally, our apps are available across both iOS and Android platforms. Whether your team members use Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Your Future


A mobile business phone system will integrate your team and take your productivity to the next level. is easy to use and set up, affordable, and built for small business success.


Contact us today and let cloud technology take your company into the future.

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