A Few Initial Issues With Google+ Pages, Read This Before Creating Yours

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I read the news yesterday about Google launching Google+ Pages, which is for businesses, personalities, organizations, etc. As soon as I could get on my computer I logged in and started creating a Google+ Pages page for Phone.com. That’s where my headache began and what this post is all about.

My first question was do I create the G+ Pages page in my personal Google account and have it associated with my Google+ account? I started creating then realized I was logged into my personal Google account and oops, to late I already set up the Phone.com G+ Pages page. The big issue is that I can’t just give the password for the Phone.com Pages page to people at the company because I figure it will be my Google account password. Plus I have ownership of the page and it should really be owned my Phone.com.

So instantly I went into another browser and started creating the Pages page with my Phone.com email though it’s hosted with TierraNet not Gmail, which is nice that I don’t have to use a Gmail account. But there’s a Jeb Brilliant Google account now connected to my Jeb@Phone.com email address which in is the account owner for the Phone.com Pages page, not something multiple people can really log into.

Is this complicated yet? It is for me and I was really getting perturbed at the lack of help and explanations Google was offering up. I expected a short or long for that matter video tutorial or blog post explaining a few ins and outs of Pages.

This story isn’t finished, it’s a work in progress but I wanted to share it with you hoping it would keep you from making similar mistakes. Creating the Google account with my Phone.com email address has allowed me to give access to our CEO and CTO for example without giving them access to my personal Gmail account but it has now created another place I need to monitor communications all the time.

I don’t think Google+ Pages is ready for prime time yet. It is missing things or at least I haven’t seen them like multiple log ins for different employees at a company. It’s not allowing me to separate my G+ Pages page from my personal Google+ account. Lastly it’s just not refined and ready for the average user. I think I’m pretty well accustomed to surfing the web and thought I had the knowledge to handle creating a new Google+ Pages page, but I clearly don’t and that is a bit telling in that others may not either. I’m not more knowledgeable then most, I just have more experience and that experience hasn’t helped me much except to try to fix problems that shouldn’t have been created in the first place.


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