9 Reasons Not to Like Us

Phone.com offers incredible features not available with many other small business phone sytems. But we suppose there are reasons to hate our offerings and so, in good spirit, we thought to fill you in on the 9 features you wont find here:

1. Outragious Charges – Sorry youre not going to find insanely expensive plans here. “Once I saw the features, options and pricing, I had to switch from the service that I was using,” said Erwin Kreiner, Owner of Aladdin Video Services.

2. No options – Another non-starter. “We researched many different virtual office offerings and made a decision to use Phone.com for its feature richness,” said Emblaze VCon.

3. No flexibility – “We are extremely happy with the call forwarding features and flexibility in building a phone system that exactly fits our ever changing unique needs,” said Remington Business Group.

4. Really expensive toll numbers – “We save on that, and we provide better service, by furnishing a free call,” said Kenneth Gibson, President and founder of eHealthApp.com.

5. No Caller I.D. – “We know who our broker customers are by caller ID,” added Gibson. “They get routed ASAP to the right person with the help of our excellent menu.”

6. Tough time running a virtual office – “I needed a virtual phone system that would easily support a remote business set up,” said Debbie Jackson, CEO of KidsPlayPlus. “All of my employees work remotely.”

7. Feel of a small business – “Phone.com gave me the appearance of having a corporate office without the expense of a corporate office,” said Mike Kolodziej, President of The Dent Doc.

8. Mean customer service – “Phone.com provides killer customer care,” said Lori Davis, Owner of Davis Virtual Assistants. “They are polite, friendly, helpful, and fast.”

9. No features – “The other company had no bells and whistles,” added Rhon. “Phone.com gave me all the features I needed.”