7 Raves for Virtual Phone Systems

One of the great things about working here at Phone.com is that we hear about all of the fun and innovative reasons why people love our virtual office phone service. Here are just some of the raves that were hearing from folks like you:

• No More Missed Calls – Erwin Kreiner of Aladdin Video Services loves the fact that despite his shifting schedule, he never has to miss a call from an important customer. This is an essential feature for many. Small business owners tend to have more flexible schedules than those in the traditional corporate structure, and virtual phone systems greet callers professionally and direct them to the appropriate extension. In many cases, that call can be routed to your cell phone immediately, ensuring you never miss another lead.

• Cost Savings Without the Compromise – Emblaze-VCON, Inc. needed a feature-rich phone system at the cost of something much simpler. The folk their picked Phone.com because of the range of features, such as auto attendants, optional extensions, and even text message delivery for all of your voice mails. Emblaze-VCON got the features they needed while still staying within their budgets.

• Better Phone Number Management – Remington Business Group helps business sell in Europe and the Middle East. It wanted to create a local presence for clients without the expense of a local office. With a virtual phone systems, though, Remington found it could house all of those numbers under one umbrella at an attractive rate.

• Serves as Your Own Answering Service – Any business can hire a call center, but not every call center can connect your callers with the right individual. Kenneth Gibson, president of EHealthApp wanted more, and with a service like Phone.com, it was possible. “We can let calls go to voicemail and have the right person call prospects or customers back from our cell phones,” said Gibson.

• Image Enhancement – Small companies tend to look like, well, like small companies, and that can often prevent them from landing the big client. The Dent Doc wanted to avoid that problem so president Mike Kolodziej turned to Phone.com. With our 800 numbers and oodles of professional features, he got the appearance of a corporate office without the expense.

• Anywhere Assistants – Lots of businesses still want people not computers to greet their callers. KidsPlayPlus was no exception. The New Jersey-based company though didnt have a central location to house a live assistant. Virtual Office gave KidsPlayPlus CEO and founder, Debbie Jackson, just the answer – a real office connection without the hassle of a real office. Now her receptionist can work out of her home and direct calls as if everyone was in the same site.

• A Phone System that Follows You – Aerial photographer Eli Rohn of Aerial Operations wanted his callers to reach him more often, and with Phone.com they can. If he’s not available, they’re automatically transferred to a live person, which means more bookings. Calls that go to voicemail instantly go to e-mail where he can click to connect. It’s the best of both worlds.

Got your own Rave? Let us know and well post it here!