5 Ways Virtual Phone Services Save You Money

Like most things, communication is the key to success. It’s especially true if you’re starting a small business. You need to maintain the lines of communication between yourself and customers, both current and potential.

The bad part is communication costs can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Technology has made it easier for small businesses maintain the communication services without the high costs.
Virtual phone service providers are growing in popularity among business, big and small, over the past few years. They offer deals that can help businesses start saving money immediately. Here’s how:

1. Share Your Receptionists – An advantage to these virtual phone services is that small business owners can reduce their employee costs. Virtual phone providers, such as Phone.com, let a single receptionist direct incoming calls to any employe regardless of their location. So instead of having all of your calls being answered by live humans at every location, let one receptionist manage the calls for all of your sites.

2. Lose the Receptionist – Don’t need a human greater? Go for the robotic kind. Phone.com offers an Auto Attendant, which directs your callers to the appropriate staff member.

3. Cut your IT Costs – Don’t pay for an IT person to run and maintain your phone system. Virtual phones services, such as Phone.com, are designed with fault tolernance in mind and are backed with around-the-clock support. Not only do businesses save salary costs, they also save money on overtime or special pay for working holidays, weekends or unusual hours.

4. Cut those phone costs – To save money in these tough economic times, companies are turning to VoIP. Virtual phone services, such as Phone.com, should offer save on your monthly bill with low rates on national and international calls, and on popular features, such as caller ID and voicemail. Monthly rates can start as low as about $5 per month..

5. Reduce business travel – Small business owners can cut their travel costs through conferencing services. Virtual phone services, such as Phone.com, should include easy to use conferencing in their packages. Hosted video conferences and Web conferences make a lot more sense than sending employees across the country to attend meetings.

Pinching pennies in a tough economic climate – or any economic climate – is not only necessary, it’s practical. There are plenty of ways to save money while running an efficient operation. Cutting communication costs an easy and convenient first step.