5 Tips For A Successful Return To Work After Vacation

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welcome_backReturning to work after vacation is never easy.  This year may be especially difficult considering Christmas and New Year’s Day were both on a Wednesday.  Regardless of how much you love your job, returning to a full email inbox, a day of conference calls and planning for trade show season can be difficult.  Oh, did I already mention the mountain of email?
Here are a few tips I have received from friends over the last week:

  1. Return home from vacation a day early so you can do laundry, recover from vacation and make some lists to help you stay on track when you get back in the grind.
  2. Upload your pictures to Facebook and Instagram, pin your pages on Pinterest and post your Yelp reviews before you go back to work.  Focus on work when you get there and minimize your social distractions.
  3. Keep your energy level up while you work by listening to dance, exercise or running music.
  4. Leave some work for the next day.  You do not need to prove that you are the entrepreneur or employee of the year on your first day back at work.
  5. Allocate a little extra time on your first day back to socialize with your colleagues.  Undoubtedly, the office will be buzzing as everyone will be eager to talk about their holiday adventures.

Remember to stay relaxed when you are back in the office.  Do not negate all the wonderful relaxation you experienced on your vacation.  Welcome back and Happy New Year!