5 Reasons Your Traditional Phone Service Isn’t Cutting It

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Man frustrated with traditional phone service


For small businesses, it’s never been easier to start a company. With all the data and tools available, you can set up a website within minutes and you’re effectively off and running. The problem, though, that a lot of small businesses face is in infrastructure. Startups and SMBs can be fast and loose environments with team members wearing multiple hats. It’s crucial to make sure your business is structured for success, and for a lot of companies that starts with phone service. But is your traditional phone service slowing you down?

Here are five reasons your traditional phone service might not be cutting it.


Scalability Issues

If your business is growing rapidly, your traditional phone service might not be able to grow with you as quickly. In-house PBX systems might require technicians to physically show up onsite to install new hardware, which then turns into a scheduling and logistical nightmare. You need changes and you needed them 15 minutes ago…so when it comes to traditional phone service, you might look to switch to a more flexible, scalable system like VoIP which lives in the Cloud to do the heavy lifting.


Geographic/Demographic Inflexibility

With a traditional phone service, it can be difficult and costly to expand your system. And with the amount of remote work increasing 91% over the last 10 years, it’s paramount to be able to attract a talent pool from across the country and globe. You need to be able to add phone lines quickly, give remote workers access to your control panel, and give them mobile solutions so you’re not stuck reimbursing employee or vendor phone bills.

Also, a traditional phone service can limit you with your reach. If you’re looking to expand into more markets, getting a local number for your SMB can open up your business to a whole new set of customers. This can happen easily, almost within a series of clicks, with a VoIP service and less so with a traditional system.


Call Handling Clunkiness

With a VoIP phone system, your company has access to a whole host of standard and premium features.

A traditional phone line is going to less flexible for call handling rules than a mobile-oriented software. It matters what happens during the call from the caller’s perspective, yes, but it also matters what happens to the person on the other phone. Is the call queue set in place? Have you picked the right kind of hold music? Are the voicemail extensions set up? First impressions are huge and a phone service that is set up improperly can drive them away. A way to help the high call volume could be looking into a Live Receptionist add-on for VoIP. That way you can have your very own call center for a fraction of the price without having to take on and train new hospitality experts.


Poor Call Quality or Missing Calls

Simply put: when you’re paying for a business phone service, you shouldn’t have to worry about poor call quality or calls not coming through. If your high call volume is being handled by a few old copper wires, you’ll have problems like static, voice delays, or dropped calls. That will push customers away faster than you can dial their number back. If your traditional phone service is having outages or other problem, it may be time to switch. VoIP service is dependable and with easy, most times 24-hour, access to customer service, troubleshooting can happen just as quickly as a problem arises.



It’s 2019 and business works at the lightning speed of a text message. If you’re chained to your desk using a traditional phone service, you’ll be unable to continue the conversation or work from wherever. With VoIP services your smartphone transforms into a business phone, but keeps the personal and company separate. You shouldn’t have to go into an office anytime you want to have a video conference or record an important client call.



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