4 Reasons to Consider Influencer Marketing

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Have you heard of influencer marketing?

If you run a small business, it might not be a concept that you’re familiar with. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look into it, however. Influencer marketing might be just the thing that your small business needs to take its sales to the next level. First you need to know just what influencer marketing is, though.

Even if you haven’t heard the term, you’re probably at least basically familiar with the concept. Influencer marketing focuses on getting people with influence behind your product or service, either through a paid sponsorship or by targeting your marketing efforts to appeal to them.

The theory is that if you can get online personalities, celebrities or other well-known individuals interested in what you’re selling, they’ll share your product or service online and all of their followers will, in turn, have a much stronger interest in your business.

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth your time to consider influencer marketing, here are a few reasons why you should:

Followers, Followers, Followers

Influencer marketing is popular because it lets you set a small target with your marketing efforts while still having a big splash.

If an influencer likes what you’re offering, there’s a good chance that at least a portion of his or her followers will like it as well. Even if it’s only a small percentage, some influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers across their social media accounts. Getting your product or service in front of a crowd that size can translate into a significant sales bump for relatively little effort.

Custom Contact Points

Many companies use influencers and have them share links to specific products or the company’s overall website.

These aren’t your only options, however. If you have a deal in place with an influencer, you can create a specialized landing page with specific sale items or a coupon code intended just for that influencer’s followers. Not only does this give these visitors a feeling that you value them, but it also makes it easier for you to track traffic through the influencer since you’ll be able to find out just how many people visit that specific page.

Long-Lasting Effects

If you buy ad space online or even through traditional advertising outlets, your ad is there until the funding runs out or the ad duration has ended.

With influencers, however, things are a bit different. Instead of having an ad that’s just there for a short time, social media posts, videos and blog posts can exist and draw customers to you for years to come. Depending on the popularity of a post and how often the influencer refers back to it, you can get a lot of bang for your buck out of each influencer mention. If the post becomes popular, the effect can be even greater.

Cultural Shifts

If you can net a big-name influencer, you may be able to change the way that his or her followers view your products and possibly even your company.

Some influencers are widely known as trendsetters, and followers tend to latch on to the unique looks and perspectives that the influencer offers. If that influencer thinks that your products or services are en vogue, you may find them becoming more popular as a whole. There’s nothing better for a company than to become trendy, and influencer marketing is one way to accomplish this.

Is It Right for You?

Influencer marketing isn’t necessarily right for every business, but it can have significant benefits for companies both big and small.

Sometimes small businesses benefit the most from influencer marketing because they’re seen as more obscure “diamonds in the rough” as opposed to their big-business competition. If you aren’t sure how much you would benefit, try to start small and test out the influencer marketing market. You may just find that influencer marketing deserves a permanent spot in your larger overall marketing budget.

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