Voicemail Transcription for Your Small Business

voicemail transcriptionPrior to joining Phone.com, I worked with a number of professional models from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles as a photographer. One common concern from the models I worked with is weeding out real job offers from fake job offers. At best, the fake offers waste time while at worst, they can be dangerous.

Since joining Phone.com I’ve told many of these models about our voicemail transcription service and several have already signed up. If you work in any business where you are actively soliciting contacts but you want to screen them before engaging, voicemail transcription may be exactly what you are looking for.

One successful model I have worked with has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and uses it as a real marketing outreach tool. Once she signed up for Phone.com’s service, she set up a phone line and put the number in her Instagram bio with a note that photographers, media and promoters who would like to work with her could call that number.

Here’s the kicker … that number doesn’t ring through to any phone. After hearing her chosen ringback tone – the Beatles – the call goes to voicemail, where it is then transcribed and sent to an email address that she set up just for this screening. By putting a few careful filters in place, she can easily sort the emails into spam, legitimate and urgent folders and deal with them as needed.

She saves a lot of time by not having to sort through messages manually and she feels far more confident that the offers she is receiving are safe and legitimate.

But there are other advantages that every business can appreciate. Not having to sit through voicemails is the obvious one, and it’s a real time saver when you’re on the go or in the office. It’s also perfect for times when you need to collect information from callers but you don’t need to interact with them. For example, if you set up a call in poll, the caller gets a message outlining their options, then they leave their voicemail message that is transcribed and sent to your email. These can then be searched and sorted in ways you simply can’t with voicemail.

If you’re worried that the automated transcriber can’t handle your messages – you might get a lot of calls from people who speak with heavy accents or talk really fast – we also have human assisted transcription available at an additional fee.