Got Dial Tone? A Guide to Get You Going!


You’ve just signed up for service. The desk phone you ordered has arrived in the mail. Congratulations!

So you follow the set up instructions, pick up the receiver and … silence. Nothing. Nada.

Rest assured, silence on the other end of the phone and poor call quality are hardly ever due to an issue with your new phone or the service. Network settings, and insufficient or inconsistent bandwidth are usually the culprit.

So here are a few tips on overcoming the top three issues we encounter with new phone setup.

Why No Dial Tone?

If you don’t hear dial tone when you pick up your new phone, check your network connections again and make sure everything is set up correctly.

If the phone is connected properly but you still get no dial tone, your office network may be interfering with the voip traffic between your phone and’s servers. Refer to Do I Have To Change My Network Settings or Hardware? for suggestions.

Why Doesn’t My Phone Ring?

You’re now able to make calls. But as a few hours go by, you realize your new phone is not ringing. First, make sure the phone’s Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb features are disabled.

If these features are disabled but you’re still having trouble receiving calls, your network may be interfering again with the VoIP traffic between your phone and’s servers. Refer to See Do I Have To Change My Network Settings or Hardware? for network troubleshooting tips.

Why Do My Calls Sound Choppy?

If your call quality is less than clear or words get dropped regularly, it usually means you don’t have enough bandwidth between your network and’s servers. File transfers, streaming video or other heavy network activity can adversely affect your call quality.

The following resources might help:

We also recommend testing your network performance at our VoIP Phone Service Test page.

Of course, our Customer Service agents are always ready to help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. Please don’t hesitate to call!