Voicemail Transcription for $1.50/Month

Did you know Phone.com offers voicemail to text transcription? I have never been a fan of listening to voicemail and in the last few years I’ve totally stopped checking voicemail on my cell phone all together. I don’t like wasting the time listening and furthermore I don’t like scrambling for paper to write down a number someone might be leaving. Then Phone.com introduced unlimited transcriptions for $1.50 per month. That’s less then half the price of the coffee I’m going to buy today.

What are the benefits of voicemail transcription you ask??? Well besides being able to dial the number someone left directly from your smart phone you can read the message at a stop light if you’re in the car. You can reread it later without burning your minutes calling back your voicemail. As I write this post we just got a message on our Facebook page from Mike Werth saying he “absolutely loves the service” because he can read a message and know immediately if it’s an emergency, even during meetings, without interrupting anyone.

I’ve been using this service since it became available and can’t live without it now. I personally think it’s worth every penny and recommend it to anyone signing up or already a Phone.com customer. If you need a more reliable transcription you can also pay ¢25/message and have a human listen to your voice message to transcribe it. These are just some of the amazing services from Phone.com, visit our website and see what else we have to offer and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our goings on.