Voicemail transcription – the way to go!

It has been several months since Phone.com started offering real-time text transcribing of voicemail messages. I don’t know anyone who started this service and did not like it. Especially for any busy business executive this is truly the best way to “hear” voicemail these days.

It takes getting used to the idea but once you “turn on” this service it takes only one or two voicemails to say “how could I live without this”. I rarely listen to voicemail these days. Business voicemails are usually short and direct and to dial into the voicemail number or even to listen to it as a wav file attachment simply takes up time.
When one is in a meeting or any noisy place and simply can not hear a voicemail, reading it is the only way to go.

Phone.com’s Text Voicemail service has a very high accuracy rate. The service is not 100% automated. Frankly the technology is not there yet but with the help of human transcribers the delivery of quick and accurate transcriptions is possible. For now only English is transcribed so you still need to listen to voicemails if they were not left in English but this will change over time as well.

Phone.com will also send the voicemail transcription as an SMS message which will make things even faster. At first we decided against it because of the 160 character limit on SMS but based on customer feedback we decided to offer it as in most cases even the short / partial transcription arriving as an SMS saves the time and delivers the message!

The nice thing is that one can choose to have voicemail transcribed only from certain people, or based on time of day of day of week! All this if you take advantage of Phone.com’s sophisticated call routing rules.
Our customer support agents will be happy to guide you.