13 new ways to use your phone system

You may already be enjoying our services, but different companies use our virtual phone system features in a variety of ways. Here are 13 new ways in which to enhance your phone system, offered up by other Phone.com customers.

1. Personalize your outgoing message like Aladdin Video Service. “We have many schedules that change the outgoing message depending on the day and time.”

2. Emblaze VCon created a support line. “We defined a support line/extension of which we created a rule to hunt through few extensions and, as a last resort, forward to support engineers cell phones.”

3. Forward calls whenever and wherever, like Remington Business Group. “As a small company it is critical for us that the people traveling can be reached anytime and anywhere. By enabling us to forward local U.S. and international calls to local cell phones, we are able to be available wherever we are.”

4. Create a toll free number at no extra cost, like eHealthApp.com. “It gives us a more of a national appeal or image. Makes us look more ‘real’ and respectable.”

5. Set up a permanent system, like law firm seo company Dotcom. “It’s great that I can set the system permanently, without switching back and forth, to route calls to me during the weekends.”

6. Conduct business on your terms, like The Dent Doc. “This system gives me control over the time I spend day to day — and let’s me do business exactly how I want to do business.”

7. The Dent Doc also takes advantage of voicemail alerts. “Because of the voicemail email alerts, we’re always able to get back to potential customers right away.”

8. Use caller ID to maintain a company image, like Aerial Operations. “I can also control what callers see on their caller ID, what number they see. A nice consistent image is maintained.”

9. Aerial Operations also uses Phone.com to“ control the different voicemail for each different part of my business.”

10. Add a Call Me Button to your website, like Davis Virtual Assistants. “When website visitors see that button, they can call easily, and so they do.”

11. Create a vanity number to showcase your business, like TheDentDoc. “I maintain two vanity numbers: 1-877-DENT-DOC and 1-877-OH-BABY-1.”

12. Dot Com SEO Company portrays the image of a larger company with remote calling. “What callers do not know is that the phone is ringing in multiple locations.”

13. Davis Virtual Assistants run business as effectively as possible. “Seriously, with this phone system, Phone.com, everything runs smoothly.”