10 Ways Your Phone System can Change Your Business

You’re famous among the people you know for making the best peanut butter cookies in the tri-state area. “You should sell these,” someone suggests and you decide they’re right.

Your baking operation starts out small in your home, so you don’t have the advantage the bigger cookie-making companies have. You create and maintain your own Web site. Do your own marketing. You even have to answer your own phone. Or do you?

Technology has a way of leveling the playing field. For you, the cookie-maker, it can make you sound like one of the big dogs. A virtual phone system, like the one offered by Phone.com, can give the illusion of a bigger company even when you answer your phone in your pajamas.

Start with a toll free number that anyone all over the country can use. When the calls start coming in, use Phone.com’s Virtual Office. This is a virtual phone system that gives you a virtual phone number and lots of customizable features. One such feature is Follow Me Calling, which forwards your phone calls to multiple numbers, all of which ring until you pick up. With no hardware to buy and a monthly rate starting at $9.88 per month, Phone.com’s Virtual Office makes for a powerful, inexpensive solution to your small business’s communication needs.

Before you know it, orders are being faxed in left and right, but you’re elbow deep in batter to notice. Your cell phone chirps, notifying you of the incoming faxes rather than seeing papers fly out of the fax machine. They’re safe in your phone system, waiting for you to take a look. You can get to it when you’ve finished your last batch for the day.

With Phone.com’s business phone system, you can turn your one-(wo)man operation into a global business. For argument’s sake, let’s say Irish people love peanut butter cookies. More importantly, they love your peanut butter cookies. Phone.com allows you to add a telephone number in Ireland and have those calls routed to your cell phone. Before you know it, you’re getting orders from Dublin.

Phone.com has made starting and operating your small business a snap. Now all you have to do is find a way to keep your cookies fresh when they get over there.

Happy New Year from Phone.com!