10 Ways VoIP Will Boost Your Small Business

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businessman using VoIP


It’s happening: Your small business is finally getting off the ground.


You may already have customers. You may still be working on it. Whatever your situation, you have a lot going on. And you need a business phone system that will keep up. (Which, by the way, you really do still need a business phone line. Here’s some proof.)


virtual phone system—also known as VoIP (voice over internet protocol)—frees you from lackluster, desk-based business phone systems of the past. It also does things you never thought you’d be able to do with any kind of phone system.


We’ve rounded up 10 ways VoIP can boost your business, from snazzy hold music (you know you love it!) that makes you seem like An Official Business to finally ditching that dusty old 90s fax machine.


Here we go!


It will save you money.

Now that we’ve got your attention, hold that thought!


It’s built for how you do business.

You’re constantly on the go, doing 10 different things at once. VoIP is designed for mobility and ease of use. When you really need to jot something down during a call but your arms are full or you’re driving, you can record the call. (You can also do a bunch of other cool things when you’re on a call.) You can text. You can also lessen the general annoyance that is voicemail forever by getting them sent to email.


You don’t have to buy any new equipment.

You can use whatever phone or phones you already have. Chances are you’ll want to use your cell, which, yes! VoIP service lets you do that, without having to worry about picking up your phone expecting it to be your mom when it’s actually a client. (It’s called call handling and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.)


You can keep your current number. Or choose a new one.

If you love your number, you can totally keep it. Want an 800 number? A local number to give the illusion that you’re right in town? An international number for your global customers?  A vanity number to go with your vanity plate? (Wait, what? Let’s talk offline. We need to know about those.) With VoIP, you can absolutely choose the number or numbers you want.


It will make you seem a lot more established than you are.

No one wants to look, or sound, like a new business. So whether it’s just you or a small-but-growing team, you can have all the fixins of a established business, from  menus and call transfers to (wait for it!) hold music (yes!), queues (double yes!), and automated voice talent so your audio messages can sound, well, less like you and more like somebody else. (Now we’re talkin’! Well we’re not talkin’ and neither are you but someone with a really good phone voice is!)


It has a lot of really cool features.

You can set your own outbound caller ID, which is pretty darn cool. You can also set up call screening so you know—via audio announcement, which means you don’t have to take your eyes off what you’re doing—who’s calling and who, or what department, they’re trying to reach. There’s also the ability to set schedules to route calls based on the day and time they’re received. (Great for evenings and vacations, whatever those are! LOL!) And then there’s that whole call handling thing we mentioned earlier, which is kind of mind-blowing.


It takes care of annoying phone-related tasks you just don’t want to do.

We mentioned never having to listen to voicemail on your phone again. You don’t even have to clear your throat 10,000 times, then record and delete your voicemail greeting 10,000 more times because you can do it via text with automated voice talent. Heck, you can even get someone to answer your phone for you.


It’s designed to grow with your business.

Add as many extensions as you want. When you finally get enough people on staff, set up a dial-by-name directory. And yes, if you start getting too many calls (which you will because you’re awesome), you can hire a virtual receptionist.


You can finally get rid of that fax machine.

You know the one that takes up too much space, is collecting dust, and makes you feel like it’s 1994? You can say goodbye forever (and watch it do the running man/Roger Rabbit/cabbage patch out the front door).


You can manage everything yourself.

Seriously. And if you get stuck along the way, there are friendly folks to help you 24/7 all year long. Even on Thanksgiving. (Mmm…turkey.)


And yes, back to that first point. It’s a whole lot cheaper than traditional business phone service.

Because it’s over the internet, VoIP costs just a fraction of what traditional business phone systems do. Now back to that vanity plate. And the turkey…and mashed potatoes…and stuffing. (Mmm…stuffing.)

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