You wouldn’t think twice to change your company’s letterhead to make sure it looks professional, so why would you overlook a critical aspect like your communications system?

Most companies have learned that communications is a critical part of their business and have flocked to VoIP providers like Phone.com. More specifically, many companies have signed on for Virtual Office services, which can help them create a more professional image.

Here’s how:

1.) Store everything necessary in a single location. It’s easy to set rules for certain callers and sent them through some of the available features like your voicemail or a special menu you created for them.

2.) With Phone.com’s phone attendant, your custom main greeting plays a recorded message giving the caller a menu of different options from which to choose.

3.) Call Handling Rules allows you to route incoming calls to a single or multiple destinations determined by the time and day the call is received through the Internet phone system.

4.) Call logs let you keep track of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, and even faxes if your plan supports it. They logs will include date, time and any applicable charges to maintain your company’s efficiency.

5.) Some Phone.com services support Click to Call button, a widget that lets your Web site’s visitors to click it to place a call without having to dial your number.

6.) Conferencing services helps your business run more smoothly while saving money.

7.) You can create and upload a personalized audio greeting so that callers can get information about your business hours, company director and other important instructions.

8.) While on hold, callers can listen to stock music or music that you choose. It’s a little thing, but can you remember being on hold with a big, professional company and not hearing music?

9.) Schedules allow you to set actions for each phone number in your system based on the time and day a call comes in. For example, calls that come in after business hours can have an after-hours greeting, while a different greeting may be played for those who call during business hours.

10.) You will get texts or e-mails notifying you immediately of a voice mail you get.

These are just a few of the ways Phone.com helps you get that big business image that will help your business grow without costing you an arm and a leg.