10 Features You Don’t Know You Love About Virtual Phone Systems

Every one has something about Phone.com that they love. For some its our price, for others its our customer service. Here are the 10 features were hearing that work for you.

1) Great value for money – “Once I went to their website and checked out the features, options, and pricing, I knew that I had to switch from the service that I was using,” said Erwin Kreiner, owner of Aladdin Video Services.

2) No more call center – Emblaze Vcon used our autoattendant to cut its support costs. “Autoattendant enhanced offerings and tree of menus allowed us to eliminate the expense of a remote call center.”

3) Consolidated Billing – Remington Business Group chose Phone.com because of our billing program, “The flexibility of the system that enables us to run all of our phone numbers under one account at attractive rates.”

4) Smart call routing – Kenneth Gibson, President and founder of eHealthApp.com, experienced problems with his old phone service. “We had a live service in place previously,” he explained. “But many of the calls are questions coming in from customers, and the service couldn’t answer correctly. Now, we know who our broker customers are by caller ID, and if they call in to sign up, they get routed ASAP to the right person with the help of our excellent menu.”

5) Calling extensions – Debbie Jackson, CEO of KidsPlayPlus, chose Phone.com because, “I needed a virtual phone system that would easily support a remote business set up. With the Phone.com system, I can route calls coming in to their correct extensions, without switching a call-forwarding mechanism back and forth.”

6) Welcome Greetings – Mike Kolodziej, President and founder of The Dent Doc, said, “I needed image enhancement, being a mobile company with a remote staff and no large central office. Phone.com gave me the appearance of having a corporate office without the expense of a corporate office!”

7) Voicemail Alerts & 8 ) Voicemail transcription – Eli Rohn of Aerial Operations loves the fact that the system keeps in touch with him. “Phone.com immediately sends me an email alert that a voice message just came through, which I can click on and immediately call back without picking up a phone,” he said ”

9) 800 numbers -continued Rohn: the 800 number makes me look good, and frankly, gives me a nice brand image.”

10) Customer Service All of the above and much more for prices that start at $9.88 per month and an excellent customer service team that you can read more about here.