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Virtual phone service that works on mobile.

Easily connect your mobile phone to your number and all its calling features.






Use your Number to Place Calls

Outbound Call Through Voicemail Administration

Dial your number and login to your voicemail. From here you are able to place an outbound call using your number as your Caller ID. The phone number displayed for the call recipient will be your number and NOT your private home or mobile phone number.

Outbound Call with Mobile Office

Using's Mobile Office app, you can place an outbound call using your number as your Caller ID.

Learn more about Mobile Office >

Receive Calls on your Mobile Phone's advanced Call Handling and Forwarding settings let you control where your incoming calls are sent. Forward incoming calls to your number to your mobile phone, or use Call Handling Rules and Schedules to the set times and contacts who should reach your mobile phone.

Know Who's Calling

Call Handling Rules also allow you the option to show the incoming caller's number or the number that was dialed so you'll instantly know it's incoming to your number. You can also use our Call Screening and Call Voice Tagging features to help identify callers before you answer.

Learn more about Call Handling Rules > Mobile Office App

The Mobile Office app provides you with a reliable and convenient mobile extension.

Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Learn more about Mobile Office

Get Text and Email Notifications on your Mobile

Your personalized settings allow you to receive a notification for all new calls, messages, and faxes to your account.

Choose the Notifcation Method: Email or SMS

Notifications can be sent via email and/or a short SMS (text message) directly to your mobile phone. Email notifications allow you to listen to the attached message, or read it if you subscribe to our voicemail transcription service.

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