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Give callers the options they want up front. Menus are the initial audio greeting telling callers which key to press to reach your phones, groups or voicemail ("Press 1 for sales..."). Set up your menu with a customized recording giving important information such as business hours, company directory and any other important instructions. Each key on a caller's keypad can be pressed to go to a location of your choice.

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Included Feature

This feature is included with all plans. For technical and setup information, please visit Support or download the Menus Guide.


Greet Your Callers

Create a custom message your callers will hear when they reach your Menu. "Press 1 to reach Sales. Press 2 for Customer Service…"

Flexible Options

Menus let you send callers to phones, voicemail, recordings, queues and more. All at the press of a button.

Listen to a Live Demo

Listen to a "Live" Menu Demo: