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Caller ID (incoming)

See who's calling and decide where to send them.

Caller ID enables the phone number of the calling party to be displayed on your phone. If your IP phone or analog phone supports Caller ID Name display, will attempt to display the correct Caller ID Name on your phone.

Using Call Forwarding or Call Blocking, you can send specific callers to different locations (voicemail. greeting, disconnect, etc) based on their Caller ID.

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Included Feature

This feature is included with all plans. For technical and setup information, please visit Support.


Caller ID Routing

Assign personalized call handling rules for callers (based on their Caller ID) to send them to personalized messages, numbers, voicemail and more.

Caller ID Blocking

Block anonymous or unknown incoming calls to your Virtual Office number or block based on the incoming call's Caller ID.

The Caller ID Name information is fetched by us from a national database of Caller ID Name as per the Caller's phone number. Not all carriers update the records of that national database, hence the text we display may not always reflect the actual name of the business or the person calling, where the number Caller ID is the correct Caller ID of that caller.

If you receive your calls via a cell phone, your cell phone fetches the Caller ID Name to display from it's own stored address book (i.e the names stored on the phone).