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Call Voice Tagging

Identify callers based on the number or the extension they dialed.

Call Voice Tagging enables you to specify an audio message (using our Text to Speech system) that will be associated with Call Forwarding to an outside number, an extension or menu selection. The Voice Tag (e.g. "Sales" or "Support") will be announced to the recipient who answers the call. The calling party will not hear the Voice Tag.

Conveniently Greet The Caller

Do you have multiple departments at your business that forward to the same number, cell phone or extension? Make sure you greet your customers appropriately when you answer with the help of the Voice Tag.

Ring Ring…you are receiving a call to your number which forwards to your cell phone. You answer the call and hear the Voice Tag read "Sales", which alerts you the caller is looking to reach your sales department.

Thank you for calling our sales department. How may I assist you today?

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Included Feature

This feature is included with all plans. For technical and setup information, please visit Support or download the Call Handling Rules Guide.