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We've packed in over 40 advanced calling features

Get the technology and flexibility to setup a custom phone service for anyone who uses a phone.


Included Features

Toll Free Numbers

Select a Toll Free number and have it instantly activated. Choose from 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844.

Local Numbers

Select a local phone number in any area code.

Global Numbers

Choose an international phone number from over 48 countries.

Extensions & Voicemail

Add unlimited extensions, each with voicemail, an address book and separate login information for individual management.

IP Phones and Devices

Choose from Polycom, Cisco and Panasonic phones and devices.

Custom Greetings & Hold Music

Record your company greeting or choose free professional pre-recorded hold music.

Conference Calls

Host conference calls with up to 500 attendees using your own dedicated conference bridge number.

Caller Menus (IVR) and Queues

Give your callers menu options to connect to your staff and departments by pressing a key on their keypad.

Fax: Send and Receive

Send and receive faxes from your desktop. Incoming faxes are converted into PDF files and emailed to you.

Standard Calling Features includes many popular calling features including Forwarding, Blocking and Screening.

Premium Features

Caller Analytics

Incoming caller information collected and divided into 6 easy to use data categories like demographics, technology, behavior and social status.

Voicemail Transcription

Read your voicemail rather than listen to the actual message. Have your voicemail messages transcribed from voice to text and emailed to you. Communicator

Use your personal computer as a phone to place and receive calls using our next generation softphone application.

Premium Hold Music

Choose from 5 Premium channels with hundreds of fully licensed & commercial free tracks by well known artists including The Beatles, Bob Marley, Jay Z and more.

Call Recording

Record all calls within your account or by individual phone number. Recorded calls are stored in your account and can be reviewed and saved anytime online.

Professional Recording Services

Everything from script consultation, professional voice talent, licensed music, studio production, and ongoing support. All at a reasonable rate!

iNum Global Numbers

iNum are international numbers not tied to a country or city. Keep them wherever you go in the world. iNums are reachable from a growing list of networks.