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Voice Over IP is no longer the new kid on the block. Emerging in the seventies, coming of age in the eighties and nineties, VoIP has matured as a feature-rich, wallet-friendly alternative to the wired services that were the backbone of the businesses of our parents' and grandparents' generations. Old-fashioned phone service is a funny thing: As a business owner, you plug a traditional phone into the wall socket and place it on your new employee's desk. Apart from paying the bill every month, you might not think about it much after that. Phone service on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is just so straightforward and established, so plug 'n play. Yet a recent report by Software Advice, a free online service that offers VoIP system reviews, shows that 25 percent of the business owners they surveyed in 2014, who are currently using PSTN, would consider switching to VoIP. The reasons are pretty compelling.... Read More →

As businesses and home users set aside traditional analog phone services, replacing them with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), one of the challenges becomes allocating the right amount of bandwidth to your Internet phone service. How much of your current bandwidth is needed for high-quality voice calls? This is a question we are asked every day by our customers. Start by asking yourself a few questions: What is the actual data upload and download speed that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) delivers? What other services and applications on your network consume a portion of that available bandwidth? Are there Quality of Service (QoS) settings that you can tweak to optimize your network for VoIP? Minimum and Recommended Bandwidth for VOIP Service The bandwidth that our VOIP phone service requires depends on the number of concurrent calls you want to make. The table below shows the minimum bandwidth required to make... Read More →

  As we move towards the year 2020, I'm wondering: Where are those time-saving robots that sci-fi writers and cartoonists promised us in the 1950s? Robots are running our production lines and powering our data centers, yet I'm still mowing the lawn and folding laundry! Isaac Asimov dreamed of a world where bots not only did the menial tasks we disdain, but were capable of discernment and independent action, being governed by the Three Laws of Robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Earlier this year, iRobot and Cisco teamed to release the kind of robot... Read More →

Defense consultant Edward Tj Gerety III communicates daily with clients and partners in the international community. A Co-Founder of Defensive Research, Gerety was looking for a business phone solution that would allow him to communicate efficiently wherever he found himself. "Phone.com's mobile app lets me communicate flawlessly with clients on all of my devices," says Gerety. "Not only can I use a single identifying number across those devices, but if I'm busy with a client I can instantly redirect other VIP clients calling to another partner with just a tap of an icon on the app." Phone.com's free Mobile Office app let's you: Place and receive calls from your Phone.com number Hear, view and manage voicemail messages and faxes View call logs for your account Send and receive SMS messages Host conference calls from your mobile devices Gerety notes that these and other Phone.com features come at a huge cost benefit. "I'm saving, on average, $45 a month... Read More →

[caption id="attachment_19184" align="alignright" width="250"] Customer Service pup Wino, enjoying the green grass at Phone.com's Poway offices.[/caption] Customer Advocates for Animal Rights (AFAR) came to Phone.com through our affiliation with Grassroots.org, a partnership that gives non-profits one year of free phone service. Based in Michigan, AFAR's goal is to advocate on animal-rights issues, educate the public on spaying and neutering, and celebrate the special bond between animals and the people who care for them. Their phone line is used to raise funds and gather support to provide no-kill temporary housing and care for strays. Director David Farr says Phone.com has definitely helped move AFAR's work forward. "As we grow, Phone.com is there, meeting our needs, often even before we know we need something." AFAR uses a Phone.com customized toll-free number. This feature lets customers pick a number that is easy for callers to remember and dial because it uses letters associated with the organization. For example, AFAR's donation and support line is 1-866-224-AFAR.... Read More →

In the book Remote, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of 37signals, present a compelling argument for allowing employees to work from home.  At the core of the discussion is giving your employees the flexibility to work wherever they feel is best. That could be home or a cabin in the mountains, or possibly at one coffee shop in the morning and another in the evening. Does it really matter where they work as long as they are completing their work with flying colors and effectively communicating with the team? If you are currently considering allowing your employees to work remotely, here are five reasons Phone.com just makes sense for you and your business. 1. Flexible Call Routing - You can route calls to a device, our Communicator soft phone, or your cell phone or landline number.  You can literally route your callers anywhere you might be working and change it on the fly through... Read More →

A recent report from Infonetics Research shows that sales of unified communications, including cloud-based phone services like those offered by Phone.com, jumped 27 percent from the first quarter of 2013 to that of 2014. At the same time, worldwide sales of PBX systems and components fell by eight percent! The message is very clear—hardware, premises-based systems are on the decline and cloud-based systems are on the rise. Even though companies like Phone.com have been touting the benefits of cloud-based solutions for many years, what seems to be happening is that the unified communications industry has passed the point of critical mass, and is no longer being questioned on its applicability or viability for companies of all sizes. Cloud solutions simply make too much sense when it comes to capital outlay, flexibility to add and delete accounts, diminished management requirements, and the inevitable obsolescence of hardware systems. Companies like Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, NEC and Mitel will continue to... Read More →

At Phone.com, we love our Channel Partner Program (CPP). It allows businesses that would benefit from bundling Phone.com with their own services to offer their clients superior VoIP phone service! While Phone.com provides software tools, training and support for CPP Agents, the agents work one-on-one with their own clients to provide great customer support. Matthew Demaree, CEO of HTDNET, a Virginia-based computer consulting and web-hosting company, signed on with the CPP Agent program in 2011 after using our phone service for a couple of years. "We became authorized Phone.com agents, allowing us to take our knowledge and experience of Phone.com's products and services directly to our customers—getting them the direct support they need and still getting awesome backup support from Phone.com when we have a special issue or request." Demaree is a big Phone.com fan. "We have NEVER had a customer-service failure. Phone.com always goes above and beyond to ensure... Read More →

The free Google Voice service has been around for several years now, but its days may be numbered. Google is opting to discontinue support for third party services, migrating it into their Google Hangouts platform. For those of you currently using Google Voice who are concerned about losing your number and phone service, Phone.com has a fantastic offer for you! Any Google Voice customer can easily port their number to Phone.com free of charge and then continue to use their Google Voice number with Phone.com. This includes free use of the Phone.com Mobile App, along with a wide range of phone features for you to enjoy. We also offer a variety of desktop phones, giving you the convenience of VoIP calling. Now for the icing on the cake: We offer 24x7 phone support! Phone.com service starts at $9.99 per month but I am happy to extend a special offer of 90 days free to any Google... Read More →

GreenFire Energy is a small but growing renewable energy firm located in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area. Founded in 2010, GreenFire has worked to develop breakthrough CO2-based geothermal energy systems that produce clean, sustainable energy. They recently made the switch to Phone.com and co-founder Randy Balik has already seen a positive impact on his small business. "Phone.com has simplified the way our small business manages its entire phone system," he says, adding, "Your service has given us a much more professional business presence than we had before." Features like customizable menus and professional greetings easily set small businesses apart from their competitors, and are included in Phone.com's basic plan. Balik says that GreenFire is saving about $70 per month over their previous VoIP system, and is getting a much broader service. And while Randy Balik uses our control panel to tweak settings, he's happy to... Read More →

In addition to virtual number services, Phone.com also offers several IP phones and ATA adapters that allow you to place and receive VoIP calls with an internet connection. There are several benefits to ordering a device directly from us, including: 30-day warranty on all devices. Pre-configured devices for instant setup and use. 24/7 support from Phone.com on all devices. There are two device categories to choose from: ATA Adapters (Grandstream HT702/Cisco SPA122) – These are used to hook up a regular analog phone to your VoIP service. IP Phones  (all other listed models) – These phones hook up directly to an internet connection and do not require an adapter. How to Order Your Device Ordering a device is easy. Once you are logged into your account, follow these steps: Hover over Configure at the top of your page, and select Add a User/Extension. Select IP Phone or Adapter as the... Read More →

If it wasn’t for Phone.com’s VoiceMail transcription service, my entire checking account could have been emptied out. It seems that some credit card bandits used my Visa debit card to charge 76 cents from a place in Kansas. I can only guess where they got the number from, but I have fairly recently received several notices from major retailers that their systems had been compromised. The reason for a tiny charge like that is possibly that the bandits were probing to see if the card number really was good, and hoping that such a tiny charge would go unnoticed. That my card number was stolen is the bad news. The good news is that the tiny charge was flagged almost immediately by Visa’s security people, and I quickly got a phone call from my credit union’s security team. But the bad news is that I wasn’t at my desk when... Read More →

Phone.com's new Panasonic Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones provide business-quality services equivalent to landline phones while coupled with the mobility of traditional cordless instruments. Livingston, NJ (PRWEB) August 09, 2012. Recognizing the wide proliferation of cordless phones in the home and business environments today,Phone.com, the premiere provider of Virtual Office telephone services, has become one of the first Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to introduce Panasonic Internet-enabled Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) cordless telephones as a standard product offering. These systems are ideal for small businesses that need mobility within an office, the ability to retain outstanding call quality, and the myriad of new features available from cloud-based phone services. They are also ideal for residential and home office users. The Panasonic KX-TGP500 and KX-TPA50 are ideal complements to the Phone.com Virtual Office suite of services. The systems are expandable to six DECT 6.0 cordless handsets, can support three concurrent calls, and are standardized for... Read More →

Every so often it’s good to be reminded what our Virtual Office offering is and especially now because it recently changed.  I won’t focus on what we used to offer, we’ve added to it.  Now we offer 2 phone numbers with our base plan, local or toll free numbers so your customers have options.  Plus unlimited extensions, auto attendant with menus, call forwarding, a conference call room and  over 60 additional features making Phone.com the right choice. If you’re new to Phone.com or business phone services then you can give us a 30 day free trial.  Take some time and set up your phone service just the way you want it and play with our features.  After the free trial you can decide if you want to keep our service and even transfer your number.  Then add some of our popular upgrades like an unlimited minute extension, vanity numbers, professional... Read More →

A lot has been and still is been written about NBCs practice of tape delaying all the major events from the London Olympics, as they have also done in past Olympics. All one needs to do is follow #NBC on Twitter to read the comments coming from superstars like Dirk Nowitzki to venture capitalists and other popular blogs. The bottom line is obvious: we can all complain as much as we want but it is about the "bottom line" and after NBC paid $1.2B or something like that for the rights to the Olympics they have to protect it with prime time viewing and prime dollars from advertisers. Doubt any executive could or would have done anything different. However, the price NBC paid will probably hurt them in the long run. It is a flawed model and one that all the talented executives that negotiated these mega contracts with the... Read More →

Most people interested in the London Olympics are tuning in to their favorite sports. A few are focusing on various political issues surrounding the games. Then there are the self-admitted Nerds like me. I’m puzzling over the seemingly contradictory signals coming out of London about the use of wireless broadband connectivity, and thus broadband applications such as VoIP, in and around the games. It seems that the use of personal wireless access points has been outlawed at Olympic venues. In other words, the emerging genre of devices that use 3G/4G cellular signals as a form of backhaul for a user’s broadband-based devices, from laptops to ATAs, are verboten. In other words, no virtual phone line from your seat in the stadium, although we wonder how they detect someone who smuggles in an ATA to use in their private suite or box. That news emerged over the past week when Olympic... Read More →

The June issue of Consumer Reports just landed in my mailbox (I don’t even ask any more why the June issue of a magazine shows up in the first week of May), with the front cover heralding an article that promises to show readers how to “Cut your bills for Internet, TV & phone.” Given my professional interest in VoIP phone service, it should be no surprise that I instantly devoured the article. It took no more than a quick look at their ratings to reveal what almost any VoIP user already knows – the traditional landline is fading fast. Consumer Reports rated 25 phone service providers. Five of the seven companies at the bottom of the list are traditional landline providers. Six of the seven companies at the top of the list are VoIP companies. No, make that seven out of seven – the magazine lists Verizon, number four... Read More →