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Extending Great VoIP Service Through Our Channel Partners

by Adele Fredeluces

iStock_000009457868SmallAt Phone.com, we love our Channel Partner Program (CPP). It allows businesses that would benefit from bundling Phone.com with their own services to offer their clients superior VoIP phone service!

While Phone.com provides software tools, training and support for CPP Agents, the agents work one-on-one with their own clients to provide great customer support.

Matthew Demaree, CEO of HTDNET, a Virginia-based computer consulting and web-hosting company, signed on with the CPP Agent program in 2011 after using our phone service for a couple of years.

“We became authorized Phone.com agents, allowing us to take our knowledge and experience of Phone.com’s products and services directly to our customers—getting them the direct support they need and still getting awesome backup support from Phone.com when we have a special issue or request.”

Demaree is a big Phone.com fan. “We have NEVER had a customer-service failure. Phone.com always goes above and beyond to ensure everything is done right.” And even though Phone.com’s customer support is HTDNET’s favorite feature, he says that our easy-to-use control panel and our menu system are pretty close to the top of their list too.

HTDNET has also seen significant savings in pricing for their clients. “After their 30-day free trial, our latest new account will save $70 per month or $840 a year switching to Phone.com from their previous VoIP provider,” says Demaree.

Demaree says his agents agree that Phone.com is the Ritz-Carlton of VoIP services. “Top that with real human interactions, US-based call centers, and the drive to do more for customers every time. Awesome sauce!”

As for us at Phone.com, building and maintaining good relationships with our CPP Agents is a key part of our customer support!

Port Your Google Voice Number to Phone.com Today!

by Ari Rabban

google_voice_to_phonecomThe free Google Voice service has been around for several years now, but its days may be numbered. Google is opting to discontinue support for third party services, migrating it into their Google Hangouts platform.

For those of you currently using Google Voice who are concerned about losing your number and phone service, Phone.com has a fantastic offer for you!

Any Google Voice customer can easily port their number to Phone.com free of charge and then continue to use their Google Voice number with Phone.com. This includes free use of the Phone.com Mobile App, along with a wide range of phone features for you to enjoy. We also offer a variety of desktop phones, giving you the convenience of VoIP calling.

Now for the icing on the cake: We offer 24×7 phone support! Phone.com service starts at $9.99 per month but I am happy to extend a special offer of 90 days free to any Google Voice customer. Click here to get started!

VoIP Service – Can It Really Improve Your Numbers?

by Phone.com

In business it is all about the numbers, and generally, whenever a service can provide your company the opportunity to improve the financial bottom line, it is a wise decision. This being said, it is no surprise why so many businesses are making the transition from standard landline telephone service to VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, service.

Lower Monthly Expenses
Even when comparing the expense of just a single line, VoIP service comes in at a fraction of the price of traditional phone services. So, right off the bat, this internet based phone service can make a drastic improvement to the expense column of your business.

No Extra Fees
VoIP providers are able to offer a number of features that traditional phone service providers are not able to provide or only provide at an additional expense. These features include auto attendants, dial-by-name directories that allow callers to direct themselves to the correct extensions, voicemail over the internet which allows you to check your box from anywhere you have internet access, and voice to text features that let you read your messages to maintain a level of discreetness.

Reduce the Need for Extra Lines
Additional expense can be saved because VoIP service can often reduce the need for additional phone lines. The call forwarding feature combined with the queue allows an overflow of calls to be pushed through to existing numbers, such as cell phones, home phones, or any other designated number, thus reducing the need to have an additional office line and potentially eliminating the need for another employee to answer incoming calls. In addition to this, fax via VoIP happens entirely online. Transmissions are sent directly to the designated email address, thereby eradicating the need for a fax machine, paper, and toner. All of these things can save on expenses.

Retain Customers
In the opposite column, VoIP can assist with retaining the current customer base. Many of the features already discussed, combined with professionally recorded voicemail greetings, messages on hold, after hours greetings, and click to call buttons on websites, blog sites, and social networking pages, can provide your company the professional image and customer appeal that will keep customers coming back for more.