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Meeting Up With Other Customer Service Professionals In San Diego

by Jeremy Watkin

pizzaThis post originally appeared on our customer-service blog at CommunicateBetterBlog.com

A little over a year ago, I made a terrific connection with author and customer-service expert, Jeff Toister. After attending a webinar about his book Service Failure, I began reading Jeff’s blog and communicating with him on Twitter. We eventually realized that we live less than a mile from each other, and have met a couple times to hike and talk customer service. Eventually, we arrived at the idea for a meetup for customer-service professionals in San Diego.

Last week, Phone.com hosted the meetup by opening up our office and providing refreshments. I had the opportunity to share some of the key components that we strive for when we talk about achieving awesome customer service. It was fun to give a tour of our customer-service operation and answer questions from attendees.

Jeff followed up with a discussion on the common customer-service challenges that we face. You can read a terrific recap of the event on Jeff’s blog.

Without going into great detail on everything we discussed, I thought I would share a couple of my takeaways from the event. First, we had people from various companies attend, including the San Diego Humane Society and Ideal Plumbing And Heating. These are customer service people who have a completely different base of knowledge and skills, and yet they face many of the same customer-service challenges we do supporting customers over the phone!

Second, I realized that networking doesn’t have to be scary. The people at the event, like me, were looking for ways to better serve their customers. What better way than to talk about the challenges we face and what we are doing to overcome them?

Small Business, Global Presence. Yes, You Can!

by Adele Fredeluces

globalnumbersPhone.com makes it easy and affordable to support a business in several countries!

Need virtual numbers in different regions and the ability to call internationally? For Ofelos Media, a Phone.com client based in Cyprus, our phone service delivers all that and more!

Ofelos Media offers business and marketing services that help small companies expand and establish an online presence. Services include scanning and electronic archiving of documents, strategies for mobile and online marketing, and guidance on social media. Phone.com gives Ofelos Media the telephony resources to maintain their relationships with global clients, and enables them to operate economically.

While their main office is located in Cyprus, Ofelos Media has another office almost 2,000 miles away in Denmark, with each location using numbers local to those countries. “The features we love most about the [Phone.com] system is its ability to handle global numbers, which gives us a local presence in each country,” says Ofelos Media CEO Marianna Frangos.

At each office, Ofelos Customer Service Specialists also use Communicator, Phone.com’s soft-phone service, along with our iPhone app, so they don’t have to buy and maintain phone equipment. Frangos says that’s good business sense. “Communication is both effective and efficient … we have no upfront investment and no hardware to maintain, so we save time and money!”

As she does for Ofelos Media, Phone.com’s number specialist Jenny Dempsey can help you find the perfect local and global phone numbers for your business.  Marianna Frangos again: “Phone.com’s customer service is excellent! Jenny is always keen to help us with any problems that arise, and help walk us through Phone.com’s many features.”

San Diego Customer Service Meetup Hosted By Phone.com

by Jeremy Watkin

San Diego Customer Service Meetup

Phone.com and Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. are hosting a meetup event for San Diego customer service professionals on Wednesday, April 9 from 4:30-6:30 PM Pacific time.

The evening will feature a grand tour of Phone.com’s awesome customer service operation, round table discussions about customer service and, of course, networking.

There are still spots available but they are going fast so sign up today. Click to sign up and learn more about the event!

Phone.com University

Phone.com University – The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Menu System

by Derrick Arteus

Previously, we published a series of posts on setting up your menu system. In this post, I’d like to combine that series to give you the key steps you need to set up your company’s menu (IVR) system.

In short, here are the steps for setting up your menu system:

  1. Create a greeting for your menu that tells callers the various number prompts to enter to reach specific employees/departments.
  2. Create a menu system and set the greeting you created as the outgoing message.
  3. Configure the call forwarding rules for your menu number prompts.
  4. Forward your Phone.com number to your menu.

1. Creating a Greeting

To create a greeting, go to Configure and select Add A Greeting. You will want to use one of the options to record a greeting—either text to greeting, record from phone, or upload a file. Once your greeting is finalized, save it. For a more detailed explanation, please see our Adding A Greeting guide.

greeting2. Creating a Menu 

To create your menu, go to Configure and select Add A Menu. Give your menu a unique name and assign the greeting that you created in Step 1 as the outgoing message. Click Continue to proceed to configuring the number prompts.

menu3. Configuring Your Menu

After selecting Continue on the Add Menu page, you will now be on the Edit Menu screen. You have number prompts 1-9, 0, #, and No Input to configure to your liking. Select the edit box next to each button prompt and set up unique forwarding rules for each selection. For a more detailed overview, please see our Add A Menu guide.

menu24. Forwarding Your Number to the Menu

The final step is forwarding your Phone.com number to the new menu you just created. Start by going to Configure and select Manage Numbers. On the Manage Numbers page, click the edit box next to the phone number for which you want to define forward settings. On the next page, select the edit box next to Number Action. You are now on the Call Handling Rules page for your number. You will only need one action, which is Goto Menu. Select Save Rule Settings to complete this step.

forwardAfter following these steps, you will have completed the full setup process for creating and activating your menu system. If you want to only forward to your menu during business hours, I would recommend reading our guide on Creating A Schedule.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next Monday for some more Phone.com knowledge!

Coffee And Customer Service From Communicate Better Blog

by Jeremy Watkin

cropped-rotaryphone_swoosh_REDOn Communicate Better, our blog dedicated to customer service, Jenny Dempsey and I do a regular hangout to talk about customer service.  We call it Coffee and Customer Service but generally drink water or tea.

In today’s hangout, we reviewed our week of blogging that included posts about a terrific experience I had with Amazon.com and a horrific experience with a taxi cab driver.  Jenny concluded her series on The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz and talked about some customer service inspiration from the movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Don’t miss out on today’s hangout!  To watch more terrific customer service hangouts, check out our YouTube channel.