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Call notifications are a great feature that allows you to receive an email or SMS text message when someone calls your Phone.com number. No need to worry about missed calls! Call notifications will give you: The caller ID of the caller The number or extension they dialed The date, time and duration of the call How to Enable Call Notifications You can enable call notifications either through your Phone.com number settings, or through your extension settings. Be aware! If you set up notifications on both the number and extension level, you will receive duplicate notifications, so it is usually best to only enable notifications in one place. To enable this setting through your Phone.com number settings: Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers. Select Edit next to your chosen Phone.com number. Select On next to the Call Notifications section on the Edit Number  page. Check Send an email notification to (1)... Read More →

Every Phone.com account includes the ability to send a digital fax. Say goodbye to your fax machine! How to Send a Fax You can send a fax through any extension on your account. To begin this process: Mouse over Configure at the top of your account page and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit next to the extension from which you want to send a fax. Select Send a Fax on the left-side navigation bar within the extension settings. You are now on the Send a Fax page. To create your fax: In the Fax Number field (1) enter the fax number to which you want to send a document. Enter cover page information (optional). In the Send a confirmation email to field (2) enter your email address to receive a successful delivery confirmation. Select Choose File (3) to upload the document you want to send. Select Preview Fax... Read More →

In addition to virtual number services, Phone.com also offers several IP phones and ATA adapters that allow you to place and receive VoIP calls with an internet connection. There are several benefits to ordering a device directly from us, including: 30-day warranty on all devices. Pre-configured devices for instant setup and use. 24/7 support from Phone.com on all devices. There are two device categories to choose from: ATA Adapters (Grandstream HT702/Cisco SPA122) – These are used to hook up a regular analog phone to your VoIP service. IP Phones  (all other listed models) – These phones hook up directly to an internet connection and do not require an adapter. How to Order Your Device Ordering a device is easy. Once you are logged into your account, follow these steps: Hover over Configure at the top of your page, and select Add a User/Extension. Select IP Phone or Adapter as the... Read More →

If you have a non-iOS or Android smartphone, or you need an alternative to one of our available apps, the Phone.com mobile website is a great way to go. On our mobile site you have access to similar features that we provide in our apps, including: Checking your inbox for voicemail, SMS and faxes Access to your address book and call logs Placing a call using your phone.com number as the caller ID Sending an SMS text message Access to your conference bridge number How to Access the Mobile Website On your smartphone, open a web browser and go to www.m.phone.com. You will find yourself on the login page as shown below. The login screen asks for your Phone.com number, extension number and voicemail password. If you don't know this information, here is a quick run-down on how to find it in your Phone.com account on a computer: To find... Read More →

Our Phone.com Mobile Office App is a great tool that lets you access and manage one of the Phone.com extensions on your account from your iPhone. The app has many great features, including the ability to: View SMS, voicemail and faxes in your Phone.com Inbox Place outbound calls using your Phone.com number as the caller ID Access your extension-specific call logs and address book Send faxes from your iPhone Set up a conference call Change your voicemail greeting If you haven’t already done so, download the app for your iPhone or search for phonecom mobile office on Apple’s App Store. How to Set Up the Mobile App After launching the application on your phone, it will ask if you already have an account with us. Tap Yes to continue. The next screen will ask for your cell phone number. You will want to enter a valid cell phone number on... Read More →

Previously, we published a series of posts on setting up your menu system. In this post, I'd like to combine that series to give you the key steps you need to set up your company's menu (IVR) system. In short, here are the steps for setting up your menu system: Create a greeting for your menu that tells callers the various number prompts to enter to reach specific employees/departments. Create a menu system and set the greeting you created as the outgoing message. Configure the call forwarding rules for your menu number prompts. Forward your Phone.com number to your menu. 1. Creating a Greeting To create a greeting, go to Configure and select Add A Greeting. You will want to use one of the options to record a greeting—either text to greeting, record from phone, or upload a file. Once your greeting is finalized, save it. For a more detailed... Read More →