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Phone.com makes it easy and affordable to support a business in several countries! Need virtual numbers in different regions and the ability to call internationally? For Ofelos Media, a Phone.com client based in Cyprus, our phone service delivers all that and more! Ofelos Media offers business and marketing services that help small companies expand and establish an online presence. Services include scanning and electronic archiving of documents, strategies for mobile and online marketing, and guidance on social media. Phone.com gives Ofelos Media the telephony resources to maintain their relationships with global clients, and enables them to operate economically. While their main office is located in Cyprus, Ofelos Media has another office almost 2,000 miles away in Denmark, with each location using numbers local to those countries. "The features we love most about the [Phone.com] system is its ability to handle global numbers, which gives us a local presence in each country,"... Read More →

Do you conduct business overseas? Maybe to the north in Canada or south in Mexico or Central/South America? Do you call there and not worry about the cost or call and cringe each and every time? I have been known to go through some ridiculous steps to call for cheap or even ask people to call me before I started using Virtual Office. I remember calling an overseas bank once and thinking again and again how much this is going to cost me. Every minute I was on the phone was about half a coffee at Starbucks and not a plain black coffee. Well if you have Phone.com do you use us for long distance calls? I would assume so but if you don’t you should take a look at our pricing. And if you don’t have Phone.com our pricing makes us even more attractive then you already thought we... Read More →

Traditional phone services can be expensive and require complicated set up with expensive handsets, but Virtual Office from Phone.com offers affordable business phone services with all of the bells and whistles. Virtual office adds a sense of professionalism and ease of use for all businesses large or small. Its comprehensive list of features will ensure that you will never miss a phone call again. Virtual Office offers all of the necessary features required for business customers like free unlimited extensions with personal voice mail, international calling, menus, hold music, conferencing, call recording, call waiting and call transfer. In addition to these necessary services, they offer all of the premium services that traditional phone services charge a fortune for. Many businesses struggle with ensuring that all calls are answered whether the staff is in the office or on the go. Virtual Office by Phone.com has a variety of features that leave... Read More →