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A dial-by-name directory is a great option for allowing callers to reach specific employees in your business. To set this up properly, you will need: An extension for each employee in your dial-by-name directory, with their name set in the extension settings. (Optional)  A recording of each employee's name set in his or her extension settings. If you don’t create a greeting, then an automated voice will read the name to callers. A forwarding action in your call-handling rules that directs callers to your directory. Creating an Extension for an Employee Mouse over Configure and select Add a User/Extension. Select your extension type. Enter the employee's name in the Name: field on the extension settings page. Select Save Changes. Repeat the steps above for each employee. Adding a Recorded Name Greeting Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting. Select Save Greeting after recording your greeting. Once your greeting is... Read More →