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Wanted: Robust Business Phone Service to Do Business in Washington

by Sue Walsh

SSDP LogoFor any non-profit organization running an office in Washington, DC, operation costs can be a killer. Rent, keeping the lights on, marketing—and oh yeah, phone service. You need a really good business phone service if you’re an international, grassroots organization like Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).

SSDP is a student-led network that advocates for drug-policy reform and safer program implementation. The organization works to effect change, for example, on financial-aid eligibility for drug offenders who want to study, medical marijuana legislation, and Good Samaritan policies, among other issues. They have 3,000 active US members and over 200 student chapters.

“We went from having one line shared by all [three] staffers, no individual mailboxes, and no ability to forward messages or transfer calls to cell phones to having a fully-functional business phone system,” says Executive Director Betty Aldworth.

Since late last year, Aldworth says the Washington office has grown from three to six staffers. “Without Phone.com I can’t imagine how much more difficult conducting our day-to-day business would be.”

Betty Aldworth raves about Phone.com’s easy-to-use customer settings and flexible call-forwarding options, but cost savings are clearly a big win for SSDP.

“​We are saving about $100 per month by switching to Phone.com, but that’s from basic phone service to a full business platform. … I can’t imagine how much this service would cost if we were getting this robust a set of features through a traditional provider, but it would certainly be much, much more expensive!”

She also loves dealing with our Customer Support team. “The product is tremendously easy to use, but when I can’t figure something out, ​friendly folks like Derrick (Phone.com Customer Support specialist) are always right there at the click of a button to help answer any questions.”

We’re glad we make your day and work easier, Betty!

Business Phone Systems Provide Professional Call Routing at Your Fingertips

by Phone.com

• Are you tired of missing important business calls because you are not at your desk to answer the phone?
• Do you want to make sure your business projects a professional image to every caller?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will benefit from a business phone system with professional call routing. Call routing is a helpful feature that offers you complete control over incoming business calls. By utilizing VoIP technology, this handy business phone feature allows you to route all incoming calls to various destinations based on the time of day and identity of the caller.

Imagine that – if you have an important client calling in but can’t afford to sit at your desk all day, you can program that call to be automatically forwarded to your cell phone.

Or, if mom won’t stop calling and interrupting you during peak business hours, you can have her calls sent directly to voicemail.

This fully customizable business phone feature offers countless benefits to you and your employees. Whether you have a small family business or a large corporation, being able to route incoming calls is a valuable tool.

When you sign up for Virtual Office business phone from Phone.com, you get professional call routing with a variety of features. You can route all calls to a specific number, route calls from your address book to certain numbers depending on the time of day, or route calls according to a pre-programmed schedule.

In addition, the Virtual Office business phone system from Phone.com offers a variety of call handling options that allow callers to:

• Be sent to one or more phone numbers or extensions
• Leave voicemails
• Get assistance from one of your queue members
• Use numeric options to reach a specific person
• Dial the last name of the party they want to reach
• Listen to a pre-made greeting

Increase your company’s efficiency and improve its professional image with call routing from Phone.com. This is one business phone feature you don’t want to miss out on – sign up for Virtual Office from Phone.com today!