Are you still writing your business contacts on random pieces of paper, or maybe you are tired of having your business and personal contacts mixed together? If so, has a great address book feature included with every account that makes managing your business contacts easy and efficient.  There are several benefits to using our address books, including: Importing contacts is simple. Want to transfer your contacts from AOL, Gmail, Plaxo, Windows Live, or Yahoo? We’ve got you covered with an automated importing tool to handle the job. Extension specific contacts. Got a staff of employees that all have their own contacts? Each extension on your account gets its own dedicated address book. Call forwarding based on a specific contact. Your can route calls from your premium customers uniquely based on specific address book contacts. Don’t miss out on learning about this great feature! Join us for a free 30... Read More →

Tired of all those spam callers wasting your minutes? We have several strategies to  help save your valuable minutes including: Blocking callers by a specific caller ID number or area code. Blocking all anonymous calls that have an unknown or blocked caller ID. Let’s walk through how to configure both of these options on your account. Blocking by Caller ID or Area Code Mouse over Call Info and select Manage Spam Callers List. Select Add A Number To Block. Enter the full number with area code in the Block incoming calls from section. Select Add to add your number or area code to your block list. If you only want to block an area code, be sure to check the Starts With checkbox after entering the area code to block. Blocking Anonymous Calls Please Note: You will need to set this setting on each separate number on your... Read More →

Defense consultant Edward Tj Gerety III communicates daily with clients and partners in the international community. A Co-Founder of Defensive Research, Gerety was looking for a business phone solution that would allow him to communicate efficiently wherever he found himself. "'s mobile app lets me communicate flawlessly with clients on all of my devices," says Gerety. "Not only can I use a single identifying number across those devices, but if I'm busy with a client I can instantly redirect other VIP clients calling to another partner with just a tap of an icon on the app."'s free Mobile Office app let's you: Place and receive calls from your number Hear, view and manage voicemail messages and faxes View call logs for your account Send and receive SMS messages Host conference calls from your mobile devices Gerety notes that these and other features come at a huge cost benefit. "I'm saving, on average, $45 a month... Read More →

[caption id="attachment_19184" align="alignright" width="250"] Customer Service pup Wino, enjoying the green grass at's Poway offices.[/caption] Customer Advocates for Animal Rights (AFAR) came to through our affiliation with, a partnership that gives non-profits one year of free phone service. Based in Michigan, AFAR's goal is to advocate on animal-rights issues, educate the public on spaying and neutering, and celebrate the special bond between animals and the people who care for them. Their phone line is used to raise funds and gather support to provide no-kill temporary housing and care for strays. Director David Farr says has definitely helped move AFAR's work forward. "As we grow, is there, meeting our needs, often even before we know we need something." AFAR uses a customized toll-free number. This feature lets customers pick a number that is easy for callers to remember and dial because it uses letters associated with the organization. For example, AFAR's donation and support line is 1-866-224-AFAR.... Read More →

A serious vulnerability in the Unix Bash shell used on Linux systems, Apple OS X machines, routers and older connected (IoT) devices was announced yesterday. As with the Heartbleed virus earlier this year, our infrastructure team has applied security patches to all systems that use Bash, thereby preventing unauthorized access to our service and your data. For more information on protecting your own systems, see US-CERT's alert on Shellshock.Read More →

As a small business owner, are you satisfied with your phone service? Wonder where to find the reliability you need or how to scale your phone system to serve your growing enterprise? You're not alone. A recent report from Software Advice, a Texas-based service that matches businesses with best-in-class software solutions, suggests that nearly 60 percent of companies currently looking to upgrade their phone systems are looking for a sophisticated VOIP service, one that is both reliable and scalable. Top Reasons for Considering VOIP The report highlights the top features, pain points and reasons that business owners are looking to VoIP. What Do Smaller Businesses Need? 77 percent are looking for a web-based, hosted PBX solution Of the nearly 60 percent of respondents considering VoIP, one third were still using traditional landlines in their businesses Only six percent of those who took the survey were IT specialists, which suggests that good technical support,... Read More →

As a small business owner, time is one of your greatest assets, and also something that seems to be in a constantly short supply. The last thing you need to be doing is tinkering with your phone system, which is why has some great preset features that will save you some valuable time. Presets allow you to: Save your settings in templates. These templates can then be quickly applied elsewhere on your account without having to set them up manually repeatedly. Edit your call forwarding in one location. When you save your call forwarding as presets, you can manage all of these templates in one location. A unified approach to call management. Let your employees manage their own call forwarding. Because presets can be saved on an extension specific level, your employees can manage their own call forwarding. Want to learn more about presets? Then join us for a... Read More →

Need to be notified of voicemails when you’re out of the office? With voicemail notifications, you can have a notification of your voicemail sent to you via email or text message that you can listen to while on the road. Voicemail notifications are enabled on an extension-by-extension basis. Let’s walk through how to enable this setting on your account.  Enabling Voicemail Notifications for Email Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit for your chosen extension. Scroll down to the Voicemail Notification Settings section. Select the checkbox for Send an email notification to Enter the email addresses you want notifications sent to. Multiple emails can be listed and separated by commas. Select Save Changes. Email notifications will attach an audio copy of the voicemail that can be listened to directly from the email. Enabling Voicemail Notifications for SMS Text Messages Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users... Read More →

Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 6 and it’s bigger and better than ever. If you’re considering upgrading, or perhaps this is your first iPhone, then why not take advantage of our iPhone app with that new phone of yours?  As a business owner, staying connected with your clients while outside of the office is critical. With our iPhone app, you can fulfill most of your business's communication needs without being at your desk, including: Placing calls with your number. No need for a desk phone to accomplish this. Our app allows you to use your number as your outbound caller ID on all calls. Sending faxes directly from your cell phone. Got a last minute fax you forgot to send from the office? Use our app and send it directly from your phone. Managing your inbox. Check your voicemails, sms text messages, and faxes directly from the... Read More →

Tired of listening to each and every voicemail? offers a voicemail transcription feature which will transcribe your voicemails to text. We offer two forms of voicemail transcription: Human Assisted Transcription: The first minute of your voicemail message is transcribed by a human. Automated Transcription: Voicemails are transcribed to text via our automated computer system. Voicemail transcription is activated on an extension-by-extension basis. Let’s walk through how to enable this feature. Activating Voicemail Transcription Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit for the extension you want to activate transcription on. Scroll down to the Voicemail section. Select the checkbox for Voicemail Transcription. Select either Human Assisted Transcriptions or Automated Transcriptions. Select Save Changes. After saving your changes, voicemail transcription will now be activated for your chosen extension. You can replicate this process for all the extensions on your account that you want voicemail transcription for.  That’s it... Read More →

I wrote about the FCC's Net Neutrality proposal a few months ago and the debate is heating up again. Perhaps comedian John Oliver explained it best back in June: At issue is the creation of a two-tier system, or rather an HOV lane for those services that can pay more -- players like Netflix, who recently signed service agreements with the largest cable provider Comcast. Some time back, the FCC asked the public to comment on Net Neutrality and now those comments are being published. A report summarizes more than a million of the comments received, the gist of the feedback indicating that less than one percent of those commenting oppose Net Neutrality. Is this surprising? No—of course the average person favors Net Neutrality because it means equality, paying less and getting better service. The bottom line, though, is that we are still in a messy situation and, sadly, I can only anticipate that... Read More →

If you are running your business from your home office on a land line, now is a great time to consider switching to a VoIP solution. VoIP offers many excellent benefits for a business owner that a land line simply can’t compete with, including: Exceptional call quality. Enjoy crystal clear, high-definition audio quality with a VoIP phone. A land line will never be able to match the clarity that a VoIP phone can offer. More features. Does your land line include menus, dynamic call forwarding, schedules, and the handful of other features that VoIP offers? These features are necessary to run a successful business these days. Less Expensive. offers competitive pricing as compared to a land line, with flexible minute options scalable for all businesses. Compared with all the features you get with a VoIP service, the price vs. benefits far exceeds that of a land line service. If... Read More →

Schedule exceptions are an easy and efficient way to account for holidays, meetings, or other engagements that are outside of your normal business schedule hours.  We recently updated schedule exceptions to make them even easier to manage! You can now choose a specific holiday from a list and immediately add it as an exception.  Let’s walk through how to set schedule exceptions on your account for holidays and custom date ranges.  Note: This guide assumes that you have already created a schedule on your account. If you haven’t yet, see our guide for creating a schedule. Setting a Holiday Exception Mouse over Configure and select Manage Schedules. Select Edit for your chosen schedule. Select Yes in the Holidays and Date Ranges section. Select the Add a Holiday tab. Select your holiday in the Holiday drop-down box. Select Add. Select Save Changes. Setting a Custom Date Range Exception Mouse over Configure and select... Read More →

Your next conference call doesn’t need to end up like this: With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure that your next conference call is awesome, informative, and runs smoothly. Here’s 3 tips to make your next meeting the best one yet: Practice beforehand. If this is your first time using your conferencing software, then spend some time before the actual meeting learning how everything works. Each service has unique methods for muting/un-muting callers, or ending the call. Have a backup plan. Technology has its moments of random oddities. Ensure that everyone on the call has a copy of the presentation slides, agenda, and an alternate call in number. Have attendees mute themselves. Nothing ruins a presentation more than the background noise of someone listening in on your call in what sounds like an airport. Let everyone know how they can mute and un-mute themselves when they want to talk. Now... Read More →

Menus (or phone trees) are a great way to enhance your customer’s experience with a professional greeting and a listing of department options for your business. Creating a menu on your account requires the following steps to complete: Add a greeting for your menu that outlines the number selections a caller can enter (e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service). Add a menu and attach your greeting. Set up the forwarding options for each number prompt on your menu. Forward your number to your menu. Now that we understand the process, let’s walk through this step-by-step. Adding a Greeting Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting. Enter a nickname for your greeting in the Nickname field. Record your greeting using either Text To Greeting, Record From Phone, or Upload New File. Select Save Greeting. Adding a Menu Now that your greeting is made, you’ll add... Read More →

In the book Remote, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of 37signals, present a compelling argument for allowing employees to work from home.  At the core of the discussion is giving your employees the flexibility to work wherever they feel is best. That could be home or a cabin in the mountains, or possibly at one coffee shop in the morning and another in the evening. Does it really matter where they work as long as they are completing their work with flying colors and effectively communicating with the team? If you are currently considering allowing your employees to work remotely, here are five reasons just makes sense for you and your business. 1. Flexible Call Routing - You can route calls to a device, our Communicator soft phone, or your cell phone or landline number.  You can literally route your callers anywhere you might be working and change it on the fly through... Read More →

Traditional faxing is soon to become an obsolete obstruction in your home office setup. Those big, bulky devices are being replaced with cloud-based solutions like the one that offers, which allows you to send faxes directly from your computer or smartphone.  Here’s 3 great reasons to start sending and receiving digital faxes today with You can send a fax wherever you have your computer or smartphone. Faxes can be sent digitally directly from your account, or you can send them from our iPhone app. Be notified of your received faxes via email. No more sitting around the fax machine waiting for a fax to arrive. Be notified right when you get your digital fax through email. Reduce your paper clutter. You can save copies of your faxes as PDFs on your computer and reduce all of that paper clutter in your office. Ready to toss that fax... Read More →