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If you run a call center, or need to maintain records of your phone calls for legal purposes, then you will want to enable call recording on your account. As part of our premium features, we provide call recording at the following rates: 300 minutes - $4.95/month 1,000 minutes - $14.95/month In addition, we also offer a free inbound call recording option that must be manually activated on each call. Let's walk you through how to set up both the free and premium versions Using free call recording This method is only applicable to incoming calls to your number. After the call has started, press *7 on your phone to begin recording the call. When the call is finished, a recording will be available within the call logs on your account. To check your call logs, go to Call Info at the top of your account control... Read More →

In a recent webinar, one of our agents asked how to create an “exit” from leaving a voicemail message. This would be useful when callers don't want to leave a message but rather want to reach someone else in your organization. Normally, when a caller reaches voicemail they have just one option—to leave a message and/or hang up. If the caller wants to try another extension, the voicemail system typically does not offer an exit. With's simple but powerful call handling rules, it is possible to create an exit path from voicemail so that your callers don't have to hang up and call back. Accomplishing this requires three simple steps: Creating a greeting with the re-direct options stated. Creating a menu and configuring the re-direct selections. Forwarding to your menu in your call handling rules. Creating Your Greeting Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting. Enter a name for your greeting in the Nickname: field. Select a method to record your greeting... Read More →

Are you enjoying your service so much that you'd like to tell your friends about it? If so, you can earn a $50 credit on your account with each friend that signs up for a paid account. Please note: Your friend must pay for an account first before your referral credit is applied. Free trial registrations do not apply. How to Refer a Friend To have your credit applied properly, you will need to refer your friend from within your account. Mouse over My Account and select Tell a Friend. Enter your name in the Your Name: field. Enter your friend’s name and email address in the Friend’s Name and Email Address field. Click Send Mail.   You can send the referral email to 10 friends at a time. In the email message, your friend can click the link to and sign up for a trial account. Once they pay for their account, you... Read More →

A dial-by-name directory is a great option for allowing callers to reach specific employees in your business. To set this up properly, you will need: An extension for each employee in your dial-by-name directory, with their name set in the extension settings. (Optional)  A recording of each employee's name set in his or her extension settings. If you don’t create a greeting, then an automated voice will read the name to callers. A forwarding action in your call-handling rules that directs callers to your directory. Creating an Extension for an Employee Mouse over Configure and select Add a User/Extension. Select your extension type. Enter the employee's name in the Name: field on the extension settings page. Select Save Changes. Repeat the steps above for each employee. Adding a Recorded Name Greeting Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting. Select Save Greeting after recording your greeting. Once your greeting is... Read More →

If your account has recently switched ownership then you might want to change your username and password. This simple process can be accomplished in your account settings. Changing Your Password  Mouse over My Account and select Change Password. Enter a new password in the New password: field. Confirm your new password in the Confirm password: field. Select Update to save your changes. Changing Your Username If you decide to change your username, you will also need to choose a new password at the same time. Mouse over My Account and select Change Password. Enter your new username in the Username: field. Enter your new password in the New password: field. Confirm your new password in the Confirm password: field. Select Update to save your changes. If you ever forget your password, please contact support and we will send you a password recovery email. That's it for today, see... Read More →

If your business is kicking off you might find yourself needing more minutes to make and receive calls. Instead of having to track your minute usage, why not upgrade your extensions to unlimited minutes? If you haven’t already done so, please see our new pricing. We now offer competitive unlimited minute rates based on a tiered pricing model. The bigger your business grows, the more you save! Monthly Unlimited Extension Pricing 1-5: $23.99/month 6-19: $21.99/month 20+: $19.99/month How to Upgrade Your Extensions to Unlimited Minutes Please note: All extension upgrades or downgrades are effective immediately. There are two methods to accomplish this. The first we will cover is via the Change My Plan screen: Mouse over My Account and select Change My Plan. Select Show next to Upgrade/Downgrade Extensions. Select the extension(s) you want to upgrade. Select Update My Plan. You can also upgrade your extensions directly in your extension settings... Read More →

As a small business owner in a global economy your customers could be anywhere in the world. With, you can add an international number to your account to reach a wider audience. We suggest taking a look at our competitive international rates. There are several countries where landline destinations are free to make and receive calls from, including: Canada France Germany Israel Italy Netherlands Puerto Rico United Kingdom How to Add an International Number Mouse over Configure and select Add a Number. Select your desired country from the drop-down box. Select a city to view available numbers for that location. Check the box next to your chosen number (1), then select Add Selected Numbers (2). The number is added to your account. You can now forward the number you added to its desired destination within the Call Handling Rules section. That's it for today, see you next Monday for... Read More →

Call notifications are a great feature that allows you to receive an email or SMS text message when someone calls your number. No need to worry about missed calls! Call notifications will give you: The caller ID of the caller The number or extension they dialed The date, time and duration of the call How to Enable Call Notifications You can enable call notifications either through your number settings, or through your extension settings. Be aware! If you set up notifications on both the number and extension level, you will receive duplicate notifications, so it is usually best to only enable notifications in one place. To enable this setting through your number settings: Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers. Select Edit next to your chosen number. Select On next to the Call Notifications section on the Edit Number  page. Check Send an email notification to (1)... Read More →

Every account includes the ability to send a digital fax. Say goodbye to your fax machine! How to Send a Fax You can send a fax through any extension on your account. To begin this process: Mouse over Configure at the top of your account page and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit next to the extension from which you want to send a fax. Select Send a Fax on the left-side navigation bar within the extension settings. You are now on the Send a Fax page. To create your fax: In the Fax Number field (1) enter the fax number to which you want to send a document. Enter cover page information (optional). In the Send a confirmation email to field (2) enter your email address to receive a successful delivery confirmation. Select Choose File (3) to upload the document you want to send. Select Preview Fax... Read More → has a dedicated team of service agents trained to support our more complicated deployments. When these agents configure a new account, they typically port the customer's original phone number over to without any interruption to their existing phone service. This article is primarily written for our agents who are assisting their customers however, all customers can benefit from this bit of knowledge regarding our porting process.  It offers guidelines on how to maintain phone service during the porting process and highlights common issues that may arise. Tasks Outside of the System Before porting the number to, be aware of the following points: Prior to porting any numbers, check for contractual obligations or pending orders with the prospect's current phone provider. Some companies will not release numbers, claiming that they own the number or that the customer's contractual obligations do not allow porting at that time. Make sure the... Read More →

In addition to virtual number services, also offers several IP phones and ATA adapters that allow you to place and receive VoIP calls with an internet connection. There are several benefits to ordering a device directly from us, including: 30-day warranty on all devices. Pre-configured devices for instant setup and use. 24/7 support from on all devices. There are two device categories to choose from: ATA Adapters (Grandstream HT702/Cisco SPA122) – These are used to hook up a regular analog phone to your VoIP service. IP Phones  (all other listed models) – These phones hook up directly to an internet connection and do not require an adapter. How to Order Your Device Ordering a device is easy. Once you are logged into your account, follow these steps: Hover over Configure at the top of your page, and select Add a User/Extension. Select IP Phone or Adapter as the... Read More →

If you have a non-iOS or Android smartphone, or you need an alternative to one of our available apps, the mobile website is a great way to go. On our mobile site you have access to similar features that we provide in our apps, including: Checking your inbox for voicemail, SMS and faxes Access to your address book and call logs Placing a call using your number as the caller ID Sending an SMS text message Access to your conference bridge number How to Access the Mobile Website On your smartphone, open a web browser and go to You will find yourself on the login page as shown below. The login screen asks for your number, extension number and voicemail password. If you don't know this information, here is a quick run-down on how to find it in your account on a computer: To find... Read More →

Our Mobile Office App is a great tool that lets you access and manage one of the extensions on your account from your iPhone. The app has many great features, including the ability to: View SMS, voicemail and faxes in your Inbox Place outbound calls using your number as the caller ID Access your extension-specific call logs and address book Send faxes from your iPhone Set up a conference call Change your voicemail greeting If you haven’t already done so, download the app for your iPhone or search for phonecom mobile office on Apple’s App Store. How to Set Up the Mobile App After launching the application on your phone, it will ask if you already have an account with us. Tap Yes to continue. The next screen will ask for your cell phone number. You will want to enter a valid cell phone number on... Read More →

Presets allow you to save a copy of your call handling rules, which can then be applied at a later date. These are great if you need to temporarily change how your calls are forwarded but don’t want to lose your original settings. Adding a preset To add a preset, go to Configure at the top of your account and select Add a Preset. This will present you with the call handling rules page that you are accustomed to seeing. Set whatever call handling rules you want saved as the preset, add a unique name (1), and then select Save Rule Settings (2). Activating your preset After saving your preset, you will want to activate it on your call handling rules page. This will differ slightly based on whether you have a menu or direct forwarding. In this particular example, we are accessing the call handling rules directly from a... Read More →

Previously, we published a series of posts on setting up your menu system. In this post, I'd like to combine that series to give you the key steps you need to set up your company's menu (IVR) system. In short, here are the steps for setting up your menu system: Create a greeting for your menu that tells callers the various number prompts to enter to reach specific employees/departments. Create a menu system and set the greeting you created as the outgoing message. Configure the call forwarding rules for your menu number prompts. Forward your number to your menu. 1. Creating a Greeting To create a greeting, go to Configure and select Add A Greeting. You will want to use one of the options to record a greeting—either text to greeting, record from phone, or upload a file. Once your greeting is finalized, save it. For a more detailed... Read More →

Every extension is assigned a free conference bridge number to allow our customers to easily set up conference calls.  These conferencing bridges provide the following benefits: High definition voice quality Up to 500 participants 15 moderator controls A permanent conference line number Accessing your bridge number Each extension on your account has a unique conference ID pin. To access it, go to Configure at the top of your account and select Manage Users and Extensions. Under the Manage Extensions list, click the edit box next to any extension. On the extension settings page, click Conferencing on the left navigation bar. This last page will provide you with all of the details for your conference bridge. To start a conference call, provide participants with the Conference Bridge Number (1) and the Conference ID (2). You will want to sign in with your Moderator pin (2).   If you are dialing into the... Read More →

Many of our customers still find themselves with two phone systems. They use the service for their business lines, which they forward to their cell phones, while still using those cell phones for personal use. If you want to differentiate between personal and business calls on your cell phone, there are several features we offer: Call Screening provides a greeting on incoming calls, announcing the caller along with the option to accept or reject the call. While you are listening to this announcement, the caller simply hears either ringing or your pre-selected hold music. Call Voice Tagging allows you to specify an audio message that identifies the person or department forwarding the call. The Voice Tag (e.g. "Sales" or "Support") is announced to the person who answers the call. The calling party will not hear the Voice Tag. Incoming Caller ID allows you to display either the caller's phone number or your Read More →